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The Meta physical Adventure Of the highest order

Sep 5th 2014 at 12:55 AM

Here and there appears a book that acts as a massive explosion of light and sound. A book that this may cause," wrote a certain reviewer for the first edition of the bestselling Donald Schnell initiation. The well-known writer Jean Houston ja NATO as "metaphysical adventure of the highest order." Worldwide acclaim for his book undoubtedly owes a central character - a mysterious guru

Babaji, also known as Maha Avatar - great incarnation is perhaps nejmysteriźnější figure of spiritual India. Though he never appears in public, there are many reports about him - whether alleged or authentic -

Testifying to the extraordinary nature of this "immortal yogi."
For the first time on Babadžím people in the West know by now iconic Autobiography of a Yogi, which in the 50s of last century

By the famous guru Paramahansa Yogananda, which became the most widely read work of Indian mysticism at all. In his book, said many details of the life and work of the Himalayan

Grand Master, with whom in my life met several times in person and from which he received a direct line. Since then, however, not given to anyone to have a physical presence submit personal testimony.

Only Donald Schnell (also known as Prema Baba Swamiji), an American hypnotherapist and teacher of yoga, has received this extraordinary privilege. Only rarely in the literature over the story manages to spread

An aura of sanctity uplifting, which can in darkened chambers of our inner awakening and bring brightness to charge our desire for self-knowledge new, life-giving force. Initiation has this special power: the riveting story

Interwoven series of dream-like interludes, intimate confessions and special characters, told with sincerity and an open gentle humor

And sanctified mediation completely unique experience, you may be new or very first step on a wonderful journey that will take you to Empire Premananda - blissful land of your own heart.

That's it. It is at this moment. Enlightenment is here at this time. That's it! If this is the here and now learn to appreciate what

we ever meet? One gets to heaven and complains: "How can I enjoy the angelic chorales, when I do not give a large portion of ice cream?" passage of Initiation

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