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The mechanisms by which Peer

Jun 2nd 2014 at 9:46 PM

A large number of people who make use of weight loss pills are people who are driven to do it, peer pressure.

This statement you are likely to encounter in most of the literature, where these tablets is discussed. But the question arises, what kind of mechanism is at work when peer pressure encourages people to use these pills.

Unfortunately, this is a question that many of the commentators on this subject do not usually appeal to their conversations.

This is the question we try to answer here. turns out that in reality there are two mechanisms by which peer pressure encourages people to start using weight loss pills. These are: 1. Where peer pressure makes people realize their weight

. This is the scenario where we have big men who hang out with thin friends become painfully aware of their excess weight. Attention to their weight may be given to personal comparison: like where almost all people continue (both consciously and unconsciously) by comparing themselves with their friends.

This is also where thinner friends can make your friends aware of their great weight problems using well-intentioned (but painfully wrong) comments. Then we have a teenage peer groups, which tend to be quite ruthless, and where overweight adolescents made ​​aware of the fact that they are somehow different.

After more people will know that they are overweight and they need to lose weight, their minds start buzzing as they try to figure out solutions to their weight problems. Issues not facilitated by the fact that most of these people who are motivated to start thinking about losing weight on peer pressure, usually interested in losing weight quickly.

Thus, it becomes not just a question of weight loss, but more specifically, the issue of weight loss as soon as possible. Unfortunately, for people who find themselves in this predicament, it is not quite easy to lose weight fast using traditional measures -

exercise and Diet. This situation forces them to start thinking about other alternatives, a process that eventually leads them to think about using weight loss pills in question here. 2. Where peer pressure to make people believe that they can only lose weight with pills

. In this case we are not talking of peer pressure from thin (and presumably healthy) peers. Rather, we are talking about peer pressure from other people who are overweight. You understand that where we have a significant number of overweight people, they tend to unite around one another for "moral support.

" Subsequently, they begin sharing notes on their weight loss efforts. Those who have had considerable success in weight loss are pressured to share their "Keys to Success" with their overweight peers. And most of all, they show that they use some weight loss pills.

This leads to the impression (from other overweight people in the "support group") that weight loss can only be achieved through the use of such tablets. And this in turn causes others to start using weight loss pills in question, in order to achieve weight loss. This too is a form of peer pressure.

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