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The magic of yoga exercises for pregnant women

Aug 27th 2014 at 10:10 PM

During pregnancy a woman's body begins to change considerably. And it is quite desirable these changes have under control, if we do not want to lose their original shape and we continue to be desirable after birth and feel good in your body.

Get a youthful character assures us just yoga. Yoga helps us to get rid of excess fat in the body, relieves us of cellulite, scars, varicose veins 

, flabby tummy, chest povadlých, hemorrhoids, problems with the urinary tract, an offset discs in a lack of self-esteem or depression during pregnancy. All yoga can eliminate.

reeturn to its original state after childbirth is not long to wait, and what's more, yoga may be our condition and psyche often change for the better.

From the start practicing yoga for pregnant

This system of yoga is modified so that it can begin training as a woman who just found out she is pregnant and is not yet at the end of the first trimester.

The exercises are done very gently and under the supervision of trained cvičitelek that every new mother watching and slowly guides it into position and to become acquainted with the principles of quality full yogic breath from the very beginning.

What are the principles of yoga exercises in pregnancy?

The first principle is to unite body and his mind, the only way you can practice yoga and even pregnancy. Women should know their underlying medical condition and should never be exposed to risks, although yoga for pregnant women do not

. My mother would always be good to check the trainer's hours, where he completed training, how long have you been teaching courses and general knowledge of the issue. Each instructor trained system Smékalová A. (c) has a valid certificate with the contract.

A important piece of advice, never overload your body and not to practice so I felt tired, but only so that your body is perfectly stretched and relaxed mind perfectly and our intellectual consciousness again a little smarter and more attentive.

How often do you exercise?

A very individual question. We practice every day, but led yoga classes must attend at least once a week, we knew how to train themselves well and breathe in the home.

Food and drinks?

Position and breath should be performed easily filled stomach - very easily digestible food. A pregnant woman can begin your day with a glass of lukewarm water with lemon to improve perestaltiky. For blood sugar is good teaspoon of honey in tea.

Yoga is a very good method to improve emptying, if you improve your own eating habits.

Clothing and accessories?

Loose clothing made of natural materials and bright colors for receiving energy from yoga. The only tool is a quality yoga mat.

What is the actual clock management?

It begins with spinal always, indulgent exercises to release possible blockages in the spine along its entire length. In particular, emphasis is placed on the lumbar area.

This is followed by instruction and practice breathing - pranayama - full yogic breath. It teaches each lesson.

The following positions - asanas, as they are in the system sorted for them to be logical for the body of pregnant women at each follow-up. Well-led yoga class, even in pregnancy is like dancing when positions are contiguous and man fighting with your body and mind. Just indulges passage of breath and movement. In any position or clock phase mum can relax and stop exercising for a while and then add the.

Energy, which occurs after a yoga class to be experienced. All yoga positions have their own energy charge. Yoga gives us more links to our minds and in their emotional and intellectual breadth.

Conclusion hours include relaxation techniques. Deep relaxation tzv.joganidru is very appropriate to include after exercise. It is a conscious relaxci according to the guidance teacher, serving for loosening around the center of the nervous and muscular man. You can use some affirmations.

Relaxation occurs as a result of uninterrupted concentration of fine material inside oneself.

To attend the yoga classes?

The system of yoga for pregnant Smékalová A. (c) is designed from the very beginning to the very end of pregnancy. If in a certain period feel best, themselves admit, it is better to rest in peace at home than go to a yoga class.

Otherwise, all positions are non-violent and suitable to the very end of pregnancy, and even day term.

Cute girlfriend. Live in symbiosis with Yoga means to cultivate inner sensitivity and intuition, which are then in the upbringing of children countless times in handy.

Let us remember always that the children do not belong to us. We are the only ones who donate their life and it is our duty to them according to our conscience best care. Not to usurp them all the rights and treat them dominant.

Love and love again is our best teacher in relation to our children. It is this very fine interactive relationship with us a thousand times back to themselves we need their understanding.

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