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Hi, my name is Scott Cloran.
I am a 32 year old happily married man.
I live in Alaska.My wife and I have 6 grandchildren(from her kids).

My wife and I are both Reiki Masters.
We have many clients local and long distance.
I also have an internet home business.
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Keep an eye out for my articles and such
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All the best,
Scott Cloran
Internet Entrepreneur


The History Of Reiki

Jan 10th 2011 at 9:57 PM

Reiki is older then any written account, but the modern story of Reiki begins in the mid1800's with Dr. Mikao Usui,
a Christian Minister in Kyoto,Japan.He was searching for the skill of healing.He could not find any answers where he was,
so he traveled to the  United States of America where he studied Theology at the University of  Chicago.
During this time he found no real answers to his questions, the bishops he approached only stated that religion
heals the spirit, not the body.

Eventually he returned to Japan to study Buddhism, which had many references to healing. He also learnt Chinese and
Sanskirt to be able to understand the scripts in their native lanuages. He then settled in a Zen Buddhist Monastary
in Kyoto and spent many years studying the Sutras. Eventually he found a formula for healing, but is was not
complete, it was written 2500 years ago and could not be fully interpreted.

Dr Mikao decided to undergo 3 weeks of fasting and meditation on the near-by holy site of Mt. Kori-Yama to ask for
guidance. He picked a spot and lay out 21 stones to act as a calander, throwing 1 away each morning. Early on the
morning of the 21st day just befor dawn, he saw a beam of light growing bigger and bigger moving twards him faster and faster.
He got up to run ,but decided to stay accepting that as his answer from God, even if it killed him.
The light struck his eyebrow center knocking him down unconscious. He saw bubbles,millions of bubbles moving from
right to left in every color of the rainbow.Finally came the Reiki symbols in White and Gold. As each symbol
appeared he was givin instructions on how to use it. Whe he opened his eyes ,it was broad day-light in
the middle of the morning.  

Walking down the hill back down to the town he experienced what he called ,his 4 miracles. While walking
he stubbed his toe and instinctively he put his hands around it. He felt heat comming from his hands
and found the toe was healed.
Secondly upon reaching the base of the mountian he was able to eat a full breakfast at the serving house,
usually not a good idea after fasting for 21 days.
Thirdly, the young girl serving him told him of a chronic tooth ache she has had. He placed his hands on her
face and she noticed the pain was gone,much to her surprise.
Lastly, upon returning to the monastery he was topd the Bishop was in bed with severe arthritis.
He sat down on the bed placeing his hands on the affected areas and told the Bishop of the
experiences he has had.By  the end of the telling the Bishop seen that the arthritis pain was gone.

Dr. Mikao decided to go and heal the beggars of Kyoto,so he did so living in the beggars quarters
for several years. After a while he saw the same faces he had healed returning, angry that they would now
have to work for a living instead of begging. As a result of this,he came up with the 5 principles of Reiki.
and the belief that Reiki should not be given freely,but should be paid for or exchanged
in order to appreciate and respect its power.


Scott Cloran

Work From Home ,Live Your Dream !

Please to comment
Jan 10th 2011 at 10:44 PM by nelica
Hi Scott I like your article, I see Reiki was a very wise man. It's hard to become wise man, but not impossible!

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