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The Greatest Plantar Warts Treatment

Jul 27th 2011 at 8:12 AM


Why do you try to use the treatment of plantar warts? Remember: If a wart is at the bottom of the foot - the plantar surface - it's like a wart. Ten percent of Americans have warts (all types), so that these unwanted lesions most common type of skin problems.

What causes warts? - It's a virus! Foot warts, flat or are produced by the human papilloma virus (HPV). Before you witness the bumps on the legs, HPV can incubate for up to 20 months. If in your body, it can live up to 24 months - and that is in people with healthy immune systems. This is definitely a cure for plantar warts makes very critical.

If HPV may disappear in two years, why treat plantar warts? Here are some reasons:

- To avoid pain, not only in pain when walking, but the pain "called" back or leg pain and

- To avoid embarrassment: Replace the things you avoid because you lose your warts

To spread and stop infecting others -: In addition to growth and spread, HPV can be spread easily to other Available medical treatment of these reasons, your doctor can get rid of the real damage, even if the HPV itself can not be eradicated. Here is what he or she recommends:

- Ambulatory Surgery - probably an expensive option, "laser" surgery is the latest technology

- Freezing or Cryotherapy - note, however, that a 2002 study suggests that it is less effective than the legendary "sealed" by The Cure

- Topical treatments: In general, an acid is placed on the lesions, to "burn" off and hopefully kill the underlying virus

Natural alternatives to medical procedures there are many alternative treatments that are known to be extremely safe and useful. Some of these are simply variations of the "channel-type" to heal. Most are much less expensive than traditional medical procedures. Natural treatments require persistence, patience and may take longer than others, more expensive agents.

Before treating themselves Be safe. No sorry. Locate your doctor if you are diagnosed with diabetes or circulatory problems were. In these situations, they should help you choose the most effective treatment to help you.

In summary, implementing a good treatment for plantar warts can reduce pain and shame and prevent it from spreading further. Once gone, carefully to avoid re-exposure. The most effective protection in the long run is to keep the immune system as much as possible, and socks clean and dry!

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