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The function of the organs inside the body to

Aug 7th 2014 at 2:29 AM

To take better care of your body, you should have a basic understanding of the human body. First, learn about the body lying on the right side body.6 body parts most vulnerable due to sit conditioning 8 foods help protect some body parts "Schedule" of aging in body parts
So the agency has the right body functions special?
Right Brain

Let's look at the anatomy of the brain and parts of the brain, you will find that the right hemisphere is responsible for the control of certain functions related to creative thinking, imagination, perception of stimulus the sound and picture.

Right eye

Whether right eye or left eye, the eye is the body that allows us to see everything around her. It works in coordination with the brain to receive light waves, transforming them into clear images that we see everything as the final product.

Right ear

Both left and right are absorbing task of sound waves from the environment and converts them to the brain, then we feel under the audio file. There are many different components of the human ear, but they work together in sync with the aim of helping people hear sounds.

The function of the organs inside the body to 1

Right chest

People have a pair of "twin peaks", one on the left, one to the right. In terms of functionality, the right breast is no different than the left. Histologically, it is a transformation of sweat glands that produce milk for functional parenting.

Right lung

In terms of size, smaller than the right lung to the left about 5cm, but it is heavier left lung. Anatomically, the right lung has three lobes disproportionate in size, namely the upper lobe, middle lobe and lower lobe.

Besides respiratory function, lung plays an important role in the cardioprotective flats and adjusting the pH of the blood.

Right kidney

Shaped like kidney beans and dimensions are: length 100-120mm, 50-70mm wide. The kidneys lie on either side of the spine (right kidney is on the right). This is the body's main urology . Before excretion of body waste such as urine, renal absorption of nutrients and electrolytes needed.

Thus, the left kidney and right kidney were also very important to balance electrolytes and nutrients reabsorbed.


One of the organs on the right side of the body is the liver, which is also the only organ in the body has the ability to regenerate. It has a reddish-brown color, and weighs about 1,2-1,3kg beneath the diaphragm.

In terms of anatomy, the liver is divided into four lobes, different sizes. The main function of this gland is the body regulating enzymes for the digestion of fats and maintain blood sugar levels .


In terms of surgery, bile is divided into three different parts: base, body and neck. Gallbladder helps support the entire digestive process.

The small intestine

Nearly half of the small intestine is located on the right side of the human body. The small intestine is part of the digestive system after stomach before the large intestine. This is where the digestion and absorption of nutrients from food are largely put into your body.


Right colon including cecum, colon upward, colon and transverse colon liver corner. Ascending colon to form the first part of the large intestine, small intestine connected through the colon.

Colon is the last paragraph of gastrointestinal function contains the residue of digested food until they are released from the body as feces.


The appendix is a small pouch shaped organ (about 10cm long), located between the small intestine and colon . Before it's cecum and no special functions.

The reproductive organs

The reproductive organs include testes right for men, and the right ovary for women. Thus, half of the reproductive organs located on the left side, half on the right side. They perform the function of producing sperm and eggs after fertilization will conceive.

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