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Jul 13th 2010 at 3:42 AM


What is D4X?

D4X is an innovative type of food on the basis of modern fusion researches. The product contains five natural food components.

The uniqueness of the product is related not so much with the ingredients in its composition, as conditions of obtaining raw material and production technology, the technology of nonintrusive molecular extraction of substances of the plants. As well as, mixing ingredients using the technology of molecular homogenization, which allows "programming” the most important properties of the product.

This property allows D4X to be assigned to the category of "smart food”, which is a new generation of products and remedial technologies. In the middle of the century - traditional medicine, in the early 20th century - BAS, in the late 20th century - integrated nutrition; today - smart food as a result of the use of bio-and nano-technologies.

- D4X act as "antidote" and protects the organs - targets of toxicity;
- Regulates the vital processes of the body as a single system;
- Has a healing effect.

The product was developed in the laboratory DEM4, whose main task is the development of new generation products (Smart Food). The idea of establishing a laboratory is a joint research on quality of life conducted by the Vision and WHO (World Health Organization). Development of new products is carried on the basis of results of permanent monitoring of market trends and analysis of the latest discoveries in the field of healthy diets and lifestyle.

Composition and properties of the product ingredients:

- Fruits of hawthorn (the most useful fraction of the ester oils of the fruits of hawthorn is supplied by a innovative methods of extraction). Lowering cholesterol in the blood  by improving the coronary circulation. It also has effect on cardiac arrhythmias.
- Fruit of rosehip. Contains vitamin C, P (rutin), B1, B, C, E, carotene, which are among the most important antioxidants. Rosehip is particularly effective for increasing hemoglobin.
- Hibiscus (special fraction). Acts as an antiseptic. Enhances liver, normalizes the blood pressure and prevents oxidation of LDL (bad cholesterol).
- Amber (amber acid) - Natural amber contains over 40 compounds is derived from amber acid - a natural supplement which helps in inflammatory and stress, has a positive impact on the functioning of the intestines, kidneys and other internal organs. Amber charges the man with energy, stimulates hair growth, makes the skin healthy and young, soothes the nervous system, eliminates headache. It also strengthens blood vessels, stimulates circulation of lymph and cerebrospinal fluid. Its use is considered to be useful for people suffering from low blood pressure, glaucoma, cataracts and macular dystrophy.
- Honey - Used as a natural based product that has preservative properties.

Another innovative thing about D4X is the technology of production. In general, all plants used as feedstock in the production of food or used for medical purposes, contain a conditionally-permitted level of cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury, pesticides, bacteria from the group of enteric rods, etc., mold, radionuclides.

In D4X side indicators ingredients are kept to a minimum physically, thanks to the special conditions under which plants grow, the way they are transported, and the most important of all - that technology of molecular extraction permitting virtually entirely derived from purified contaminants elements while preserving their "invigorating” properties.

Effect of the product:

The main effect of the product is its ability to protect the organism instantly. In details:
• Helps in cases of cardiovascular disease and normal blood circulation.
• Lowers the blood cholesterol.
• Generates energy (ATP).
• Fight to the premature aging of the organism.
• Enhances cellular respiration (55-65 times), fighting thus with hypoxia.
• Improves the functioning of major organs (brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, intestine, thymus, pancreas, skin shell, bone, bone marrow, blood, plasma, lymph).
• Stimulates production of insulin.
• Normalizes the work of the nervous system and counteract stress.

Additional features:

The product can be dissolved in tea or other beverages (with drink, the temperature should not exceed 65 degrees, so as not to destroy living molecular structures of the product). The product blends perfectly with natural yoghurt and lactic acid products. The real yogurt with live lactobacteria not have any additives. Most of yoghurt, which are marketed have additives such as preservatives and other additives and flavor enhancers flavor. Yogurt In such default can not live a useful crop. "Minus" of live yoghurt lies in the fact that many seem tasty enough. The use of such yogurt with D4X allows you to retain all the beneficial properties of the first in this "price" of a better and pleasant taste.


The product is cut into small pouches of the film opening line from which it drain directly into the beverage, yogurt, etc.

Who will need D4X?

The target group includes all who are exposed to adverse environmental factors, but also have harmful habits. In general, this category can be attributed virtually 100% of the population. In particular, it should be distinguish the two age groups: young and middle-aged people.

Young people tend to use alcohol and tobacco, poor nutrition, use of stimulant (energy drink). From this perspective D4X will be sought-after young people, because it protects from damage to the body (on-target organs, etc.), for example, the use of energy drinks.

Middle-aged people in comparison with young, already have many health problems, their body is clogged of toxins, the energy level is low. This product is a great way to protect its operational body, including the consequences of taking drugs to increase its energy level to provide for the gradual improvement of the state through the parallel use with other D4X means "longer” duration.

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Jul 15th 2010 at 1:25 AM by peterlg
GREAT ONE!!! I can't wait to taste it :)

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