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The Essential Imaging Equipment for Every Clinic

Jun 11th 2014 at 5:29 AM

There are several kinds of medical imaging equipment that have been developed over the recent past. The aim of the equipment is to increase the accuracy of diagnoses so that the doctors can understand the exact conditions before administering treatment. As a result, there is improved health care and through the use of machines like somatom emotion, it’s possible to prevent a number of diseases before they turn into serious ailments. Below are some of the most common medical imaging equipment and their uses in the diagnoses of disease.


Magnetic resonance imaging is widely used in the diagnoses of spine and brain injuries. These scanners use the combination of radio frequency and electromagnetic fields to model an image which is displayed in the computer. The images are then used in the study of various parts of the body parts. These scanners can be a bit pricey and they should be obtained only from reputable vendors such as All Parts Medical.

X-ray Machines

The use of x-ray is probably one of the oldest medical imaging applications. Presently there are powerful x-ray machines that are able to pass the x-rays through the body to detect deformities within the internal structures. This technology is widely used in treatment of fractures in the skull and bones as it is able to show the exact structure and its extent. This is crucial while trying to bring back the bones together.

Computer Tomography Scanners

These kind of scanners are usually connected to the computers and just like the somatom emotion machines, they are used to create a two dimensional image of a section of a body using x-rays. The technology exposes the patient to some risks as it surrounds the patient with many detectors that are used to diagnose the ailment. It is majorly used in plastic surgery and during the production of anatomical images.


In ultrasound technology, sound waves of very high frequency are directed towards a body organ and these frequencies emits echoes which are then used to sketch the relevant anatomical image on a video display unit. The ultrasound technology is very common in diagnosing growth in the gall bladder and in observing the growth of fetus in expectant ladies.

These are some of the common medical imaging equipment in most hospitals and clinics. Their cost varies from one vendor to another but there is also the option of purchasing used or second hand ones at reduced costs. It is also important that you purchase from known companies like All Parts Medical because you will be guaranteed of high quality as well as good customer experience.

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