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The discharge in the vagina may indicate

Aug 22nd 2014 at 5:37 AM

The discharge in the vaginal secretion is expelled by the sexual organ female. It can be variation in its consistency (with thick or thin paste), color (ranging from clear to cloudy, white, yellow or green) and also odor (presenting the usual ways, bad smell or odorless).

Situations such as emotional stress , ovulation (the production and release of an egg from the ovary in the middle of the menstrual cycle), pregnancy and sexual arousal can cause the discharge into the vagina , but this type of secretion in these cases is considered normal.

When abnormal discharge in the vagina is
The discharge into the vagina may be caused by abnormal atrophic vaginitis (seen in menopausal women who have low levels of estrogen), and bacterial vaginosis, or bacteria that normally live in the vagina increases in volume, causing an ash discharge smelling fish that worsens after sexual intercourse. Bacterial vaginosis is not usually transmitted sexually .

Other causes of vaginal discharge in cervical or vaginal cancer (rarely a cause excessive discharge), chlamydia vaginitis scaly, lichen planus, tampons forgotten or foreign body into the vagina, gonorrhea, tricominíase, and candidiasis infections and other sexually transmissible diseases .

The discharge in the vagina which suddenly changes color, smell or consistency, or that raises or lowers volume significantly, may indicate an underlying problem, as an infection .
When is normal

Have a certain amount of discharge in the vagina can be considered normal, especially if the woman is of childbearing age. The cervical glands produce clear mucus secretions and these may become white or yellow when exposed to air. These are normal variations.

However, the amount of vaginal discharge which is produced by the glands of the cervix may vary during the menstrual cycle. It also does not indicate a problem and depends on the amount of estrogen circulating in the body. Can also be viewed as normal the fact that the walls of the vagina to release some secretions. The amount in this case will depend on hormone levels in the body.

The discharge in the vagina may experience symptoms such as fever, abdominal pain, increased thirst and appetite, unexplained weight loss , increased frequency of urination and fatigue. If you had sex with a partner who had an STD and did not use condoms, seek medical attention immediately.

The causes of the discharge in the vagina can be diagnosed through tests such as cultures of the cervix , examination of vaginal discharge under a microscope and Pap.

To help prevent and treat the discharge in the vagina keep the genital area clean and dry, do not use vaginal douching during menstruation, avoid using talc, fragrance or feminine hygiene sprays in the genital area.

Give preference to underwear cotton or pantyhose with cotton lining. Avoid underwear made ​​of silk or nylon, because these materials are not very absorbent and restrict air flow. This leads to increased sweating in the genital area, causing irritation and discharge in the vagina .

If the vaginal discharge is caused by a sexually transmitted disease, your sexual partner should also be treated, even if no symptoms. The treatment partner can not cause infection back continuously, leading to pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility.

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