The disadvantage you might encounter if often shallow breathing

Jun 6th 2014 at 10:37 PM

Did you know that shortness of breath can have many adverse effects to human health? Here are things you should know about your breath.5 things to do more to live long and healthy Breathing dry, sore throat when you wake up is what disease? 6 ways to improve breath "smells" 5 foods cause smelly breath concentration anonymously

The time tired, bored ... you just took a deep breath and exhale, you will definitely feel energized. Deep breathing helps you put more oxygen into the body and transported throughout the body. This allows the organism to perform its function well.

Therefore, take a deep breath is encouraged and is considered to be very beneficial for your body and your mind.

What happens when you do not have the habit of deep breathing that often shallow breathing (shortness of breath)?

Also known as shortness of breath and chest is characterized by shortness of breath. Shortness of breath can be caused by anxiety, stress, trauma, asthma, chest infections and lung, respiratory tract infections in ... cause. In some cases lighter, wearing tight clothing will make you shallow breathing.

However, many people still do not realize that their regular breathing slow and shallow breathing. You know that, often shallow breathing can cause adverse health . The disadvantages include:

The disadvantage you may experience shortness of breath frequently if 1
To ensure good health, it is important that you need to stabilize your breath. Artwork

Affect brain function

Frequent shallow breathing causes oxygen in the body is less, not enough to give organs in the body. This causes a negative impact in the performance of the functions inherent authority, especially the brain. Brain duty control functions of other organs in the body, when not getting enough oxygen, the brain does not do a job "control" it. Since then easily lead to the disruption of the function of the body, reduces concentration, memory ...
Affect sleep quality

Deep breathing is essential to help you deep and restful sleep at night. When you have good quality sleep can thico new rapid repair of wear and tear, "damage" in the cells in the body. If your sleep is affected, effectively "fix" this is reduced, making your health impaired, affecting both physical and mental.

Cause weight gain

Did you know that shortness of breath can also be one of the causes of weight gain ? When you breathe deeply, the amount of oxygen in the body not much, metabolism is also affected under. Metabolism slows down the body will also affect the burning of calories and fat. The amount of calories and fat are burned and can accumulate in the body makes you gain weight fast.

Also the reason stems from the oxygen supply to the body less frequent shortness of breath can also degrade the immunity of a person. That is why those who have shallow breathing usually susceptible to lung-related diseases.

To ensure good health, it is important that you need to stabilize your breath, not to breathe shallow continuously kept moderately deep breaths to provide enough oxygen to the body.

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