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The Dietitian-Nutritionist World Day: 7 Reasons to Attend To Your Inquiry

Dec 10th 2015 at 2:45 AM

Today, 24 November, is celebrated the day world of the dietitian-nutritionist, one of the most important professionals in the field of health. Despite its importance, the dietitian-nutritionist is one of the specialists that is not included within public health, something so already half a year fighting from the diet without sponsor’s organization with its campaign.

In the case of athletes, the figure of the dietitian-nutritionist charged even more important: we take much care of our training, we control our rest, but what happens with our diet? There is much information there, per in addition to having access to it must know to interpret it and apply it to our own case. Still need reasons for include a dietitian-nutritionist in your life? There are a few.

It will work with you in a personalized way: no more miracle diets. No more diets drawer. A good dietitian-nutritionist will make you a prior study taking into account your physical characteristics and you’re day to day, including your level of training, to be able to work with you on your goals personal and realistic way. You Can Consider This.

Will explain you the "why" behind each choice: don't you say only "200 grams of grilled salmon" to eat, but that you will explain the why behind that choice. Know why you eat everything (it contains beneficial fats, little heat, helps you in the post-entrant) get that there is a greater adherence to the diet.Will help you to develop a sustainable diet in time: one of the most important parts of a shift of power towards a healthier is that this is sustainable, i.e. that you can keep it for a long time. If what you want is to lose weight, a 500 calorie a day diet can be effective (you'll lose it, no doubt it) but unhealthy and unsustainable in the long run. The same applies if you want to win it. The dietitian-nutritionist will help you create positive eating habits that you can keep for life.

If your case is "special", you need the help of a dietitian-nutritionist: If you suffer from any condition as celiac disease and food allergies, intolerances, the help of a dietitian-nutritionist is invaluable. If you follow a particular type of food choice (vegetarianism, veganism, crude veganism), the dietitian-nutritionist will prepare a plan to avoid that there is deficit of some of the essential nutrients.

They are not just diets: a dietitian-nutritionist not removed a diet of a drawer, gives it you and you CITES to weigh yourself within a month. Times have changed, and with them also the working methods: a good dietitian-nutritionist may recommend and teach you recipes best going, can discover you food did not know nor were present, websites and blogs where you can find quality information... Working with the patient goes beyond consultation, now more than ever when we have it so easy through the internet.

It will work together with other professionals of the sector: the majority of Dietitians-nutritionists are not isolated from the world in your inquiry, but that they work side by side with personal trainers, physical therapists, psychologists and other health professionals so that patients can have a diagnosis and overall treatment.

They are aware that moves in the sector and not scandalize to certain things: there are still physicians who horrifies the idea that you are vegetarian or that take protein shakes as a complement to your regular diet (here I speak from my personal experience, because I have spent several times with doctors different two things). The nutritionists-Dietitians usually keep a continuous training in its field, being abreast of innovations in terms of diet, supplements and sports supplements, etc. and can help you assess what is best for you.
Go to a dietitian-nutritionist can make a difference in achieving your sporting goals or improve your lifestyle habits: an investment in great health.

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