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The danger from eating rotten eggs movement

Aug 6th 2014 at 11:12 PM

Health Care Fitness,health care programA few years ago, at the foot of the volcano Solfatara near Naples (Italy) appear due to the parking lot of the people here built to serve visitors to ... sex. The parking lot is pretty sketchy, it just crank the plastic squares and a thin cloth door.

The reason visitors flock to crowded here because of rumors in this kind of "natural Viagra" that just took a little weak on male physiology can improve immediately. To enjoy this type of Viagra, visitors only need to pay the rent and parking can "love" right in the car and not have to go to expensive hotels with full amenities.

Services "for rent parking for sex" is advertised on the internet with impressive names: "sex fly". Clients of this service are quite diverse, from couples, couples in love to the single gentleman arrived with a prostitute ...

Type "natural Viagra" bring a new form of money for people living at the foot of the volcano Solfatara is essentially sulfur gases emitted by volcanoes. This gas, called hydrogen sulfide (H2S), is for the "stench of evil" because it smells like rotten eggs. Gas can also be toxic if inhaled in large quantities.

However, in small doses, these chemicals play an important role stimulating an erection in men, increase blood flow, relax the nerves in the muscles and helps men control erections. Extent, hydrogen sulfide doses in the region have not been Solfatara how researchers understand and provide exact figures. Thus, we can see that, the couple rushed back here to enjoy a "sex fly" is quite risky for the health and safety of themselves.
Become rotten eggs "panacea" the room

In Proceedings of the Annual Academy of Sciences of the United States National announced in 2009, said initial studies showed that hydrogen sulfide gas (chemical formula is H2S, causing the characteristic odor rotten eggs) can stimulate the process of penile erection.

Tested by scientists from the University of Naples Federico II (Italy) on 8 men suffer from erectile dysfunction at the level of A (relatively mild) shows, after the smell of gas at a concentration of certain of their erections have improved significantly.

The danger from eating rotten eggs movements to strengthen the bravery room 2
From air quality effects that the Vietnam virile movement arose eat rotten eggs enhance the manly.
Also from service "sex fly" at the foot of the volcano Solfatara and the initial research on hydrogen sulfide on which the eggs cancer (containing hydrogen sulfide) suddenly becomes a kind of "magic bullet" to help take back the field the room for the gentlemen Vietnam. Not just for the attention of men, the sisters also competed egg hunt for

cancer about complementary laced husband. At the end of 2012 beginning of 2013 the past, eating rotten eggs also become an aggressive movement in the city. City and some northern provinces. Many pubs and sells eggs establishments selling goods brought into rotten eggs, with the increasing demand.

However, despite hearing about the use of rotten eggs but attractive people chasing this trend did not know that, H2S gases that scientists previously tested are pure, be it processing in the laboratory. This testing process is performed according to strict scientific, gas concentration for the experiment participants were also tightly controlled ... And with the initial results, researchers also just dare predict H2S has the potential to become a "natural Viagra" but dare not encourage use.

Thus, although the initial H2S has been shown to enhance the effect virile men eat rotten eggs but this effect is not the two never had any scientific basis. It's all simple inference. Essentially rotten eggs broken egg during incubation.

Due to the effects of temperature, environmental, Eggshell no protective effect, so many bacteria easily penetrate. In no nutritional rotten eggs because embryos were destroyed and combine with bacteria producing more toxins are dangerous to health . Function "panacea" but have not seen where people eat rotten eggs will be distention, dyspepsia, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

The ability to enhance male sexual as spoiled rumors really know how yet but when men find ways to eat rotten eggs was accidentally put germs into the body and the risk of gastrointestinal toxicity is very high. TS. Ngo Quoc Anh, Deputy Director, Institute of Chemistry, Academy of Science and Technology of Vietnam said:

"Eggs produced H2S cancer but when dams break the shell, this gas will escape, eat only eat rotten eggs remaining part. H2S smell very unpleasant, causing respiratory depression, dizziness, watery eyes ... So that eat rotten eggs may do more harm than good. Residents should not believe in the message lack of scientific information base that uses food insecure ".

There are no major physiological medicine from rotten eggs

TS. Nguyen Duy Thuan - Institute of Traditional Medicine of Vietnam said: "In folk medicine does not have all the physiological weakness from rotten eggs. Residents from rushing to buy the rotten eggs is probably due to use of information on rumors about the effects of H2S gas. Yet H2S is a toxic gas, is harmful to health.

When eggs are rotten, the protein in egg yolk has metamorphosed. become toxic It because sulfur turns into sulfur hidrogen eggs.

At this point, the shell protective effect was not so easy to infections and parasites. The cancer can eat egg poisoning, affecting health. Eggs cancer no enhanced effect of male physiology as well as women. Eggs cancer itself has no biological effects, has generated a lot of degenerative toxins. When eating rotten eggs is synonymous with the toxic load on the body. ,health care exercise.

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