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The compressor Vagina Keel Exercises

May 26th 2014 at 5:43 AM

Kegel exercises surrounding the vagina " vaginal muscles " I made to strengthen the pelvic muscle exercises is the name . Keel exercises before moving on to the vagina, the vaginal muscles with general information about the structure and let .  Vaginal muscles , the muscles ( PC muscles ) , vaginal muscles, the pelvic floor muscles , pubic muscles and love muscles are given names . All are synonymous .    English pelvic floor muscles "pelvic floor muscle referred to as" . Here, " pelvis " pelvis , "pelvic " refers to the pelvis belongs to .  Vaginal muscles ( PC muscles ) is where ? muscles in the pelvis in women , vaginal and anal region is being swept " figure 8 " has an appearance similar to that of . The upper part of figure 8 is larger in the vaginal tract , is narrower than the lower part surrounds the anus and anal canal . Each ring is connected to the tip of the skeletal system .

In this way, the muscles of the pelvic floor , abdominal and pelvic organs in the pelvic floor in order to keep maintain and circular platted as a network support.  can be controlled ? Yes. Some voluntary muscles in our body (controlled) , some muscles involuntary ( uncontrolled , autonomous) is working as a .  For example, our heart muscle that uncontrolled " autonomous " by itself as a continuously running, arms working in line with our own will , our November " voluntary " is in the group . Similarly , the vagina ( vaginal ) the voluntary muscles that are located in controlled groups of employees .  During the day, the fact that a woman is using vaginal muscles ; urine on the toilet when it comes these muscles to tighten up ( to keep the urine ) , When I sit on the toilet to urinate by relaxing these muscles operate .  What are Keel exercises ?  Pelvic floor exercise to strengthen muscles and to run " keel exercises" is called .  In 1948, Dr. Keel exercises for the first time . Described by Arnold Kegel has received this name because . The aim of Keel pelvic floor exercises "squeeze- drop" shaped with exercises to strengthen the vaginal muscles .  Keel exercises why is it important ? Fitness ( strength training ) a running athlete body how certain areas of the muscles , enhance and weight-bearing capacity has been increasing , keel exercises by making the vaginal muscles strengthen a woman's sexual and genitor -urinary functions recovering and women with aging will emerge gynecological problems, protect itself against is .  Do I need to exercise in young girls is the keel ? Yes. Although in young girls vaginal muscles are tight but due to lack of experience in controlling these muscles there can be problems from time to time .  Inability to sufficiently loosen the vaginal muscles during sexual intercourse , especially during intercourse can cause the sensation of pain . A lifetime of people do keel exercises suggested the young girl learning to do both from the period of sexual life as well as to provide ease and happiness that could occur later in life will be preventive gynecological problems .

In addition, from a young girl developed vaginal muscles with Keel exercises to make it easier for a woman who is of normal birth .   5   Keel exercise of first sexual intercourse before ... Hera Women's Health Centre in relation to young girls before their first sexual intercourse with enforcement that keel exercises (penetration) is easier , as well as to the muscles of the vagina after sexual gratification learned to dominate and have an increased risk of experiencing orgasm .  Again, treatment of veganism’s and at the Hera Clinic ( painful intercourse ) complaints that we teach our patients the vaginal muscles with Keel exercises people can learn to consciously control and treatments are gaining momentum in this way .  What is the role of the vaginal muscles have an orgasm ? In women during orgasm the clitoris and vaginal erogenous warning as a result of input received from the Ischia cavern located in the pelvic floor , the bulb caverns and muscles are contracted . Therefore with Keel exercises to strengthen their vaginal muscle and sexual pleasure in this region to increase the blood flow and thereby increases orgasmic functioning .


Strong muscles, simply provides for the long term orgasm .  You can learn how to run the vaginal muscles ? Many patients learn to run the vaginal muscles mistake in the first place because of their inexperience thighs, hips , waist and movement of muscles squeeze the leave is not correct .  Vaginal muscles learn to run properly and there is a very easy way ; " When you sit on the toilet and the toilet is small when your urine , your urine 3-4 times and release . Here you holding your urine while leaving the muscles of the pelvic floor muscles loosen havoc . So while holding your urine PCR muscles are the muscles , are while . This process urine from the toilet before you do it right after moving exactly to place your memory will work . "  Through this simple exercise can easily be mastered your vaginal muscles are been learning and recognition .  Urinary retention and drop method to dominate the vaginal muscles with Keel exercises after learning should be put into practice .  Keel exercise should not henceforth applies during urination often , on the contrary must be made in the absence of urine . Otherwise, a number of urinary tract infections and cystitis can be prepared the ground for problems .  How to Keel exercise ? Operation and dominate the vaginal muscles ( the muscle and the release ) After learning to keel exercise should be started .  " Keel exercises in the vaginal muscles before that you have learned the muscle for a few seconds stiffened as after waiting loosen a few seconds, loosely wait again after the muscles and stiffened as wait a few seconds and then re- released ( loosen ) . In this way , continue to exercise 10-15 times . Have made the move " a set" is considered . This movement 2 or 3 sets of the structure during the day .

"  Breathing during exercise in the normal way , and only the PC it is important to focus on the muscles .  How keel exercises with the help of fingers ? Have mastered your vaginal muscles with the help of your finger you can learn . To do this in the supine position and deep breathing to relax after whether forefinger slowly insert into your vagina . You can put your finger into your vagina exactly ; thus the vagina 9-10 cm in length and the elastic property is an organ that is taller and wider than your finger .

Your finger is retracted leave your urine , your urine retention and doing kegel exercises in the form of tightening your vagina and leave your finger on the Experience . First, it can detect a strange feeling in time " to focus on getting ready with" will turn into joy . This movement then inserting two fingers or your partner's finger can also retracted .

How to Kegel exercises during sex ? Pelvic muscles to discover this muscle is in complete control of sexual penetration immediately after learning your partner's penis inside your vagina , these kegel exercise (tightening and releasing movement ) can do. Co- compatible with the movement of the penis inside (synchronous) will improve the performance of sexual intercourse as do .  Sexual penetration to do keel exercises in your relationship for both you and your spouse will transform quite satisfaction and a pleasurable .

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