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The common migraine causes and triggers that increase the pain

Nov 26th 2015 at 9:31 AM

WHO or the World Health Organisation has classified the excruciating pain of Migraine as comparable to quadriplegia, dementia or psychosis and one of the most disabling illnesses. I too have these attacks time and again. A tingling sensation in the legs and arms, flashes of lights, vomiting and nausea are some of the sensory warnings that are accompanied by blind spots as the common signs.

Despite several studies and researches, the actual cause of this pain has not been successfully identified. But I was told that it was a genetic disease in my case that I inherited this from my mother. However, many are there, who can acquire it as an impact of environment. Even though the migraine causes are not clearly known, what triggers migraine, are known well.

Mechanism of migraine pain:

Before you know about why migraine pain is triggered, you must have an idea of how the brain activities function that the pain occurs. It is basically a pain that is a result of the changes in the brain-stream. It can also be caused when the important brain chemical called serotonin levels fall.

Serotonin is instrumental in managing any kind of headache by regulating the nervous system, specifically the trigeminal nerves. As the serotonin levels fall, these trigeminal nerves release another brain chemical or substance, known as neuropeptide. This is one of the major migraine causes that create this excruciating pain in the head.

Triggers of migraine headache:

Despite these mechanisms, there are some factors that can trigger the pain. In my case, I have experienced that foods, drinks and stress play a major role. Whenever I am stressed or I eat some specific foods like too salty foods, aged cheese etc. my pain increases. Even if I am fasting or if I skip a meal, the pain gradually rises.

If I have to skip a meal for any reason, I ensure that I am under a supervision of the doctor. Drinking alcohol and other caffeinated drinks triggered my headache largely and therefore, I have stopped taking them and now my migraine attacks are less frequent and even if they do come, they are not triggered and intensified due to these eating and drinking habits.

For others, there are many other common triggers that might increase the pain and these are-

  1. Hormonal changes are common triggers for migraine causes in women. For some, it can occur during or before periods, when oestrogen levels fall. For some, it can occur after menopause or during pregnancy.
  2. Not getting adequate sleep can be a trigger for migraine.
  3. When the weather and atmospheric pressure changes, migraine pain is triggered.

According to the American Academy of Neurology 2010 Reports, along with the common triggers of migraine like food, drinks, hormonal changes, stress and depression can increase migraine; making it a chronic occurrence than a simple episodic pain.

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