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The change in the woman's body between two menstrual

May 28th 2014 at 9:11 PM

You can also apply the following measures to minimize the unpleasant symptoms before menstrual significantly.Status menstrual clots in women Why delay menstruation after stopping the pill?

How massage helps repel abdominal pain during menstrual
Premenstrual syndrome is often difficult to determine for each person, so it is not easily diagnosed and treated in the same way for all women. However, you can also apply the following measures to reduce the symptoms significantly.

The premenstrual syndrome is not anything special. That is due to the hormonal changes of the menstrual sisters cause. For each of you, the syndrome can vary, for example, increased Caan, abdominal distention, nipple sensitivity, stress, depression, eating is dietary change, arthralgia, nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating ... Up to 7% of women with premenstrual syndrome have affected the temperament and mental, mental disorder called premenstrual .

Some of these measures help reduce menstrual discomfort before 1
Premenstrual syndrome is often difficult to determine for each person. Artwork

To minimize these symptoms, you may apply to the following measures:

Record journal

The best way to diagnose premenstrual syndrome was recorded daily activities (a diary) of your symptoms for at least 3 months. This helps to identify factors that affect the hormonal changes, hormone in your body. Because of the way this record you can classify these special factors causing stress or other symptoms before menstrual period. In particular, you can distinguish cause that affects physical, psychological, behavioral ... to take appropriate corrective measures.

Eating properly

Having a healthy diet is very important for general health and may also help reduce premenstrual symptoms such as bloating particular, breast tenderness, weight gain, irritability and headaches .. . Ideally, you should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, limit foods such as salt, chocolate, alcohol, tobacco ... in about 7-10 days before your menstrual cycle because this food group Caffeine can increase the stimulation hormone in the body, making the symptoms of premenstrual increase.

Additional carbohydrate

Before the days of menstruation, you should eat small meals containing complex carbohydrates from whole grain foods and fruits and vegetables such as legumes, such as peas ... to help stabilize the blood sugar. That way, you also reduce cravings and psychological stability, avoid changing the direction of negative mood.

Vitamin and mineral supplement

Supplementing the diet with sufficient minerals and vitamins as directed by a doctor for appropriate dosage can bring many health benefits. It not only helps you to become stronger but also increase resistance cramps and anemia . You should also drink enough water daily to prevent dehydration in the body, resulting in shock and mental instability.

Some of these measures help reduce menstrual discomfort ago 2
You can also apply the following measures to minimize the unpleasant symptoms before menstrual period. Artwork

Rest moderation

The closer to the date of the "red light", the more you need to get enough sleep. You should sleep at least 6-7 hours / night to ensure the circulation and circulation in the body is smooth. This helps your body and your mind is rested and reduce stress during menstruation.


Exercise under any kind, including yoga is also beneficial for your health. Exercise 30 minutes / day, 3-5 times a week to help improve overall health, reduce stress and anxiety. Exercise also improves cardiovascular and muscle, prevent weight gain and water retention, and reduce stress and improve mood.

Exposed to sunlight

Exposure to the sun at morning or afternoon you very beneficial in getting rid of premenstrual symptoms. Vitamin D-rich sunlight being absorbed into the body can enhance the mood for ensuring hormonal balance for you should be easy to avoid premenstrual symptoms.

Who is at high risk of experiencing stress and other premenstrual symptoms but if determined to be the cause of them, you can easily fix better.

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