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The Best Plastic Surgeons in Dayton Ohio

Dec 11th 2015 at 3:34 AM

There are so many ways the skin shows age and the neck area is a dead giveaway. The best plastic surgeons in Dayton, OH, are very skilled at making the neck look younger again. Then jowls can also form around the neck that can be made to disappear by removal of the loose fat tissues that begin to migrate downward with gravity. As the collagen and elastin break down, this is a normal sign of aging. The looseness and droopiness will add years immediately when it begins to show.

Before it begins, there are things that can be done to care for the neck area so that it will stay youthful looking a little longer. Just like the face, the neck has delicate skin cells that will respond well to moisturizing regularly. Daily application is a great habit to begin taking good care of the neck area. The skin in the neck region lacks as many oil glands as the face so it will dry out faster and begin to look aged. The neck area will respond well to facial creams that are made for anti-aging. Using a facial anti-age cream with sunblock will also be very good for the neck. Applying at least 30 SPF sunscreen each day is an excellent way to preserve the skin. There are lotions made specifically for the neck that are a bit heavier than those made for the face, so they will work even better for the neck.

Some women develop neck bands that form a protruding platysma muscle. This protrusion can be corrected by Botox injections which will relax the muscles that are bunching up. The Botox will relax those muscles and cause a smoother look. This is only temporary as these injections can last only for three to six months. Then the retouching will begin regularly and as needed.

The jowls around the neck give clear aging signs that many women would love to be rid of. This kind of aging will not respond to Botox injections. The neck lift that must be done is an invasive procedure with incisions and removal of excess tissues that cause the drooping. The greater the amount of sagging the more invasive the mini facelift must be to tighten the skin and muscles in the neck region. The good news is that the recovery time is often only two days to one full week.

Treatment with plastic neck surgery will be the best boost to the ego along with tightening up the feelings of self-image so that there will be a smile on the face instead of too many smiles around the neck. It can really do a number on a person when they start noticing how the neck is being ravaged by the passage of time. No more anti-aging creams or other tricks that do nothing to solve the problem. Put away the turtle necks and add some scoop necks and V-necks to the wardrobe after the treatment that will be carefully and skillfully performed by the best plastic surgeons in Dayton OH.

If you are looking for plastic surgery in Ohio State, the author of this article recommends Smith Facial Plastics.

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