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The Benefits of Switching to an Electronic Cigarette

Jun 27th 2011 at 4:23 AM

Between the health risks and social difficulties, it is no wonder that alternative forms of tobacco and other devices have become more popular. Among them, electronic cigarettes are perhaps the newest and best innovation in safe and pleasurable smoking since the filter, replicating the sensation of smoking a cigarette without any actual first or second hand smoke. When you inhale on an electronic cigarette, the battery turns on an orange LED to simulate a flame. The atomizer then transforms the nicotine into a vapor, and it is absorbed into your lungs when you breathe in. While this may sound a lot like a tobacco cigarette, the real difference lies in the use, or lack thereof, of fire. When any substance is set on fire, the actual smoke produced is harsh and, over time, toxic to the lungs. This is one reason why natural tobacco and the processed variety carry similar health risks. The other is the number of chemicals contained in tobacco. While the Green Smoke electronic cigarette contains only one chemical -- nicotine -- ingredients in tobacco contains over four hundred dangerous chemicals, including several known carcinogens. Given this information, it becomes clear immediately why electronic cigarettes are so much safer than tobacco products.

Electronic Cigarette is Safe

Green Smoke electronic cigarette is also completely safe to use around others. While there is no way to completely reduce the health risks posed by nicotine to your system, you can stop worrying about the dangers of second hand smoke. The smoking mixture in Green Smoke that so well simulates the sensation of smoking contains only three ingredients: water, nicotine, and propylene glycol (used to give the smoking vapor its familiar color). Since most of the nicotine is absorbed immediately into the lungs, the exhaled vapor may look like smoke, but it has neither the same texture nor smell. In fact, one of the best things about Green Smoke smokeless cigarette is that the vapor is completely odorless; if you are discreet, no one even has to know.

Electronic Cigarette is the Right Financial Decision

Another benefit of Green Smoke electronic cigarette is the price. While most electronic cigarettes are cheaper than tobacco products, some require replacing the batteries and nicotine cartridges, and others are of poor quality, falling apart soon after purchase. Green Smoke offers a competitively priced, reliable product, with an electric cigarette starter kits that includes either one or two batteries and a battery charger. Though nicotine cartridges require replacement, two come with the starter pack, and after that, they are fifteen dollars for a five pack. Since each nicotine cartridge is equivalent to thirty cigarettes, this means that Green Smoke electronic cigarettes cost about two dollars per pack. Electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular every day, and in England, they have been ruled legal even where smoking bans are in effect. While the rest of the world might not be as familiar with the product, it will eventually catch on. Until then, Green Smoke offers you the ability to enjoy a smoke when you need one without angering second hand smokers. There are many reasons to switch to Green Smoke, perhaps the largest of which are the reduction of first and second hand smoke. Electronic cigarettes mean that you get all the benefits of smoking with none of the risks or awkward social moments.

Electronic Cigarettes- Smoking without the Risks

Many non-smokers might not understand the difficulty of being a smoker. Every morning, you wake up coughing, and every night, you go to sleep wheezing. Even if you haven't been smoking long enough to feel these effects, you have probably noticed that smoking leaves you short of breath after only a short period of exertion, like climbing a flight of stairs. Furthermore, smokers have to endure the cold, the heat, the rain, and even the snow just to be able to smoke thanks to the seemingly endless onslaught of anti-smoking legislation. Moreover, the need to keep up with lighters, constantly buy cigarettes, and deal with the guilt that comes from exposing others to second hand smoke is never-ending.

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