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The Benefits Of Healthy Food - Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss

Mar 28th 2014 at 9:48 PM

The first hint that some fats are healthier than others through the study of seven countries, a survey conducted by the International Center for diet in the year 1960

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This study produced a strange story about the region that contains the lowest common heart disease - is Crete - a containing diet with the highest fat content - about 40% of calories.

These fats come mainly from plant sources such as olive oil. In 1997, showed the Nurses' Health Study, the relationship between diet for more than 80,000 women and the health problems that Tornha

Not clear there is absolutely no relationship between the amount of total fat consumed by these women and whether they ultimately may tear heart disease. But the type of fat that is a difference. Women who Torn highest rates of heart disease consumed the largest percentage of saturated fat and trans. In the meantime, the women with the lowest incidence of heart disease, diets that were low in trans fat and high in polyunsaturated fats, which come primarily from vegetable oils. Again, in 2006, the Women's Health Initiative showed that a diet low in total fat does not protect from heart disease than a little skeptical about the benefits of healthy food.

Good fats for heart health
Look for vegetable oils, or foods made from either unsaturated fat or multi-mono unsaturated. On the other hand, the saturated fat or fat mutated increases your risk of heart disease by raising blood cholesterol, cholesterol, especially LDL, the kind that paid to the occurrence of heart disease. It also raises the proportion of triglycerides in the blood, which is another type of fat linked to heart disease. And, worse than that trans fats lower the level of cholesterol, "good" HDL, which helps protect against heart disease. In case you use margarine, choose a healthy kind of made a little saturated or trans fat or skim them.

Research shows that it is more correct to switch good fats (unsaturated fat multi-or mono lack of saturation) of the write-off of bad fats of all kinds of fat from your diet. Simply because it reduces the proportion of fat lowers good cholesterol as well as the elimination of bad cholesterol and raises the ratio of triglycerides. He serves as cutting a tree full of apples to get rid of some bad deeds. Ideally, you have to maintain a low level of LDL and the high level of the HDL, and this is what contributes to the fat in the good done. When you replace the bad fats (saturated and trans) good fat (unsaturated fat multi-or mono lack of saturation), reduced the LDL more than the rate of acquisition of HDL.

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