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The benefits of grapes diet

Oct 24th 2012 at 12:24 AM

Regardless of the fact that the grapes in its composition contain fructose, grape diet is very effective. Grapes are very rich product, so a feeling of fullness will come much faster. Grapes also improve the metabolic process in the body that promotes weight loss. After all, we would not eat, would break down faster.

Grapes contain polyphenols which regulates fat metabolism in the body. Besides grapes cleanses the kidneys.

Grapes are very rich in vitamins (B, A, C, K), micro-and macro (magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium). It has a calming effect on the nervous system, increases brain activity, and serves as food for the muscles and bones.

Magnesium is contained in grapes, is essential for normal functioning of the intestines. Another revolutionary discovery was the result of research scientists, as it turns out the regular consumption of grapes reduces the risk of developing lung cancer beyond diet solution .

Several options on grape diet:

Unloading diet (1 day)

Per day should be consumed enough grapes. Do not forget to drink plenty of fluids (water, teas, infusions, decoctions). After such a day, you can go to the fasting day of buckwheat for the greater loss of pounds diet meals plan.

3-day mono-diet of grapes

First day: half a kilo of grapes

Day two: half a kilogram of grapes

Day three: two pounds of grapes

Daily amount should be divided into six equal parts, eat food worth every two hours. Drink mineral water, herbal teas. Such a diet is a high content of sugary glucose, so it may be a women's diet before the menstrual cycle, when you want sweet.

The seven-day cleansing Grape diet

Day: starvation. You can drink only water.

Second and subsequent days: Every day to eat one and a half kilos of grapes. Such a diet will be useful diet for teeth, they will become much whiter.

The seven-day grape diet will be followed with

Breakfast: 300 gm.

Snack: 100 gm.

Lunch: 400 gm.

Dinner: 200 gm steamed (fish or poultry), 100 gm or rice.

Consume boiled vegetables without salt

Supper should not later than 18.00. A week on this diet goes up to 4 extra pounds, cleans the intestines and improves skin condition.

The four-day grape diet

First day

Breakfast: 150 gram, 1.5 cups of low-fat natural yoghurt, half an orange, a few spoonfuls of muesli ready.

Lunch: Baked pumpkin (200 g), a piece of boiled meat, 2-3 walnuts, Grape 150g, 100g salad.

Dinner: 150g of grapes, 100g cooked chicken breast.

Day Two


Consume of 150g of grapes, low-fat cottage cheese (2 tablespoons), and a glass of low-fat yogurt.


At lunch consume grapes (200 g), 10 tablespoons of cooked rice (can be flavored), shrimp (100 g.)


100g of grapes teaspoon of sour cream, 150 gm stewed with onions and carrots.

Day Three:

Breakfast: 100g of grapes, bread with cheese.

Lunch: 100g of grapes, boiled fish fillets (150 g), 150 g sauerkraut.

Dinner: homemade grape jelly or pudding lightweight (150 g).

Day Four:

Breakfast: grapes (100g), cheese (100g), a slice of black or rye bread.

Lunch: Cottage cheese head (200 g) and grapes (100g).

Dinner: Stew (200g) chicken breast, mushrooms, broccoli and carrots, 100g of grapes.

This diet can be slightly modify and extend it to 7 days.

Exit the grape diet:

After the course the grape diet gradually incorporated into the diet of fruits, vegetables (fresh or steamed). On the second day, add to the daily menu of low-fat yogurt and a boiled egg, a third - lean meat (chicken). On the fourth day, you can return to a normal diet.


Colitis and ulcers of skin and seeds of grapes can cause complications. When these diseases you had better give up the grape diet. And you can try to go on a short-term wine diet, where no grapes. Choose only ripe grapes. Acids in unripe berries can cause harm to your body.

Grape diet is contraindicated for patients with diabetes.

Grape skin should be thoroughly chewed, as most of the nutrients found in the skins is. If during the diet you started headaches, try more time on the air, and drink plenty of warm water. If you experience back pain, you can spend a few massages.

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