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The Beauty of the Electric Cigarette

Jun 15th 2011 at 11:51 PM

The reason Green Smoke electric cigarettes pose no second hand smoke danger but still offer the same sensation of smoking a tobacco cigarette is that there is no actual flame, and thus, no actual smoke. When you inhale with an electronic cigarette, the battery turns on a small LED light, which then heats up the nicotine mixture to create an odorless vapor that you consume. This vapor contains three main ingredients: propylene glycol (commonly used in food coloring), water vapor, nicotine and flavoring. Since most of the nicotine is absorbed into your lungs, those around you breathe in nothing more dangerous than cake icing. In fact, Green Smoke electronic cigarette is so safe that some European countries have already legalized its use where smoking bans have been instituted. In addition to simply not containing the dangerous chemicals and additives in tobacco cigarettes, no actual smoke means preserving your lungs as well as your mouth and throat.


Electronic cigarettes provide you with only the sensation you want and none of the dangerous ingredients in tobacco. Green Smoke e-cigarette also offers some hope to users who want to decrease their nicotine use, as electronic cigarettes come in even more varieties than tobacco cigarettes. Each cartridge contains a comparable amout of 30 cigarettes or a pack and a half. Social smokers who are used to "ultra light" or "light" cigarettes could get the 6mg or 4mg. There are nicotine cartridges as low as 0mg. While this type of electric cigarette cartridge may contain trace amounts of the drug, it is perfect for those who occasionally enjoy a social cigarette. For regular smokers, Green Smoke offers 8mg and 16mg e-cig cartridges to simulate full-flavored tobacco cigarettes. No matter what you are used to smoking or how often you do, electronic cigarettes can give you the same feeling without the costs or the health risks involved. 

Remember, each Green Smoke electric cigarette cartridge is comparable to upto 30 cigarettes, or a pack and a half. With each cartridge costing as low as $2.6 -- and the average price of a pack tobacco cigarette is $6-- you would save lots of money. So in addition to being able to smoke anywhere -- including around your family and friends -- Green Smoke electronic cigarette saves you money. There are many reasons to give up smoking tobacco products and switch to electronic cigarettes. They are perhaps the safest alternative smoking device on the market, not just for the user, but for other people, as well.


Now, you can enjoy a cigarette without producing first or second hand smoke and without sacrificing the oral and physical feelings you are used to. Electronic cigarettes allow you go about your daily routine without having to stop for a smoke break, and they can also save you money. One of the safest and least expensive alternative smoking devices, you can hardly afford not to switch to Green Smoke electronic cigarette.

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