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Terms of winter running

Jul 18th 2014 at 7:29 PM

This summer, not even the most attentive citizen could note the increased number of runners on the streets of the capital - thanks to this useful trend, spring and summer in the park opens for running clubs, arranged a charity run, and the number of breathless amateur athletes on the street has increased dramatically.

We hope that you too enthusiastic jogging workouts, and if not - too late to start right now. Despite the fact that the temperature outside is now in near zero degrees, continue to run on the street and in the winter you can until the thermometer drops below -15

° C, and the streets are covered with ice. The main thing to know , what to wear for a run, what to do with the safety and how to keep warm, running in cold weather.

Terms of winter running
What I snow that I heat
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To begin to reassure anyone who really believes that running at zero temperature, can be frozen. If you really run, not walk, do not stand still and not to stop every five minutes

- this will not happen. Within a few minutes you will be active movements noticeably hot and want something with yourself to stay (what to do, of course,

should not be so as not to catch a cold). If you run in freezing temperatures, be careful to breathe through the nose - again in order not to get sick.

As practice shows, the hardest part about running in the winter (and in the race as a whole) - to get myself together and go out for a jog. Factor of cold weather you stop noticing after the first kilometer.

It is not necessary to treat the cold weather, as a nuisance, which will have six months "to endure." Rather, it should be taken as the output to a new level for all runners who trained hard in the spring and summer.

When running in the winter hardened body, begin to work better blood vessels and the whole cardiovascular system as a whole.

Fresh cold air awakens all of our nervous system, why do we begin to feel fresh and cheerful, even if ten minutes before lying on the couch at home and mope

. So great remedy for autumn-winter spleen can be considered a running shoe. That's just exactly what to choose?

What to wear?

This, of course, the key question - without proper equipment running outdoors in the winter it is better to choose a gym. But everyone who does not like the monotonous running on a treadmill and not looking for easy ways, will pay a visit to a sports shop.

First of all you need to solve one very vital question here is not only the "what to wear?" And "what shod?". For running in cold weather, you will need special shoes necessary.

However, they should not simply be insulated version of conventional running shoes, insulation because you just do not need - when running legs in any case not freeze. Shoes for winter running should be more dense and tech that they do not allow water from puddles and snowdrifts.

As for clothes, if the outside temperature is zero, there is no sense to be warmed much - worn out. It would be enough to wear tight leggings,

T-shirt and a warm hoodie. Ideally, T should be made of cloth, escaping moisture, then you will not sweat and hypothermia. This kit will be enough if the street is not pouring rain and biting wind is not blowing.

It's unlikely you'll run into quite so harsh weather conditions, but if suddenly you are serious, then rewound in a special form-fitting wardrobe repellent jacket with a high collar and hood, while running to be protected from the rain and gusts of wind. And for severe frosts can recommend you two things: underwear and (still) a gym.

Do not forget about such an important, but often underappreciated item of clothing, like socks. Yes, it is better if they are special too - jogging.

These socks will keep your best foot while running and - most importantly - will save your feet from corns, which often appear in long-distance running (5 km).
What to bring?

Chapstick to avoid weather-beaten lips - her with the keys and travel can be put into an inner pocket, which is almost any article of clothing from a sports shop. Remember that the cold charging the phone (and player) becomes shorter than usual,

so that charge gadget in advance, especially if you are using applications to run that build your route with GPS. Do not forget the accessories for the head -

hats or headbands that closed ears and hair will be removed. And, of course, you need gloves to prevent freezing hands.

Accident prevention

Again, watch out for in order to breathe through the nose - the most important rule for anyone who does not want to get sick after jogging.

Try not to breathe too deeply, not to get too large portions of cold air. Exhale through your mouth and you can. If breath control obtained with difficulty,

try to run in a mask or a scarf or decrease the tempo. Be sure to put the right foot on the whole foot entirely, and not only on the heel - by the way, this technique is considered to be running correctly.

In order not to lose your balance and stable land, do not do too broad steps. In no case do not run on icy, it is fraught with serious injuries.

Also, do not stop during a workout, not to hypothermia. Well, after a run, even if you really want to drink, do not throw quaff cold (or cool) water. Go home, take a hot shower, drink tea - and do not forget to plan for the next run.

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