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Temperature Removed Quickly

Oct 14th 2014 at 12:15 AM

When it's autumn, the children go to kindergarten and school and immediately gets morbidity. This season are generally sharp fluctuations in temperature, and this year has steadily many patients with fever and cough, as the weather was extremely fragile and children, especially small ones, with still undeveloped immunity sick often. Viruses during the winter caused mostly fever, cough, fever, while in the summer dominated Enter virus infections. But this summer there was enough sneezing and coughing. Viral infections require rapid response especially in the smallest, because with them complications may occur within hours. E.g. fever and cough in infants is not tantamount to the same symptoms 3-4-5 year old.

The first reaction to treatment depends on the complaints, but if temperature recommended antipyretics in fever - rinsing with saline. When a cough, a review is required, because the parent and be able to determine its type, it is very difficult to heal properly on the phone. Cough in a baby, no matter what, should a concern. Very often, the parent reported that the child coughs extremely rare and weak, and in the review, it appears that the finding is complex. Conversely - in a very coughing child can no find. In children and in adults the treatment of cough initially symptomatic. Same temperature and fever, they usually go together.

Adonis Golden Ratio I recommend very often "Entities" because it is equally suitable for dry and wet cough and is a product that the patient can take before consulting a doctor. In choosing a treatment for cough most important is her character and finding that the pediatrician will listen rather than duration. But in any event, if a child coughs more than two weeks, you should seek the cause. It could be something harmless, can come from the nose, from drip - about 90% of the reason is this. But it must necessarily be sought.

Regarding the temperature I think I pretty parents learned that she and cough is a protective reaction. In any case, the goal is not to suppress. This is the way the body to fight disease. Especially with viral infections need not necessarily be fast torment can reduce the high temperature to normal values. This is a blunder. It is better to drop the temperature by one degree per hour. When particularly high, given antipyretics, but otherwise best option is to wait to child to cool to take more fluids and antipyretic to give way at 38.5, preferably mono-therapy. And if needed - after review and consultation with the pediatrician - to include other products. Suggest and test agents at high temperature - rub with warm water, but not with vinegar, because it has no role. Hot towels are placed under the armpits, in the inguinal folds, or gradually pouring - starts with a normal water temperature gradually decreases. I recommend these methods and to wait with antipyretics. Of course, with the exception of children who have had febrile seizures.visit this(

There, the approach is different, antipyretics are given earlier. But in general, parents are afraid that the very high temperature can cause seizure. The same, however, if 40 degrees is down to 37 - for fast vessels constrict. Parents expect that once giving medicine for fever, the disease will end. Cannot happen. CHECK THIS

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