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"Take a Vitamin Pill and Never Get Sunburn or Skin Cancer?"

Jul 10th 2010 at 7:10 AM

"Take a Vitamin Pill and Never Get Sunburn or Skin Cancer?"
by Danica Collins, Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing, LLC

   If you enjoy being out in the sunshine but worry about getting sunburn and increasing your skin cancer risk, there are groundbreaking studies that show that taking a specific vitamin pill can protect you from the damaging effects of sun exposure -- without the use of sunscreen.

     This nutrient enables you and your family to spend whole days in the sun without giving a thought to sunburn or skin damage -- and it doesn't block the sun's beneficial rays ... so your body can benefit from the Vitamin D produced by sun exposure.  

"Your Sunscreen Could Be Causing Skin Cancer!"

     In the past, if an average person wanted to be out in the sun for more than just a few minutes, he or she would have to slather greasy (and often smelly) sunscreen all over their body.  But I'm sure the recent news that 4 out of 5 sunscreens could actually be hazardous to your health has made you rethink the use of sunscreens, hasn't it?  

     According to reports released by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), more than 80% of the more than 800 sunscreens tested in recent years contained potentially dangerous chemicals and cancer-causing agents.  Some of the biggest culprits contained in commercial sunscreens are Benzophenone, homosalate, octyl methoxycinnamate (also called octinoxate), octyl-dimethyl-PABA, and 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor.  These hormone mimickers can compromise the entire immune system, leaving your body susceptible to a number of diseases, including cancer.

     But that's not all.  Some sunscreens contain Padimate-0 and parsol 1789 (also known as avobenzone), which have been linked to DNA damage.  This, of course, can have a detrimental effect on skin cells and their ability to rejuvenate and repair themselves.  This results in premature aging.

Dioxybenzone and oxybezone, two common ingredients in the most popular sunscreen brands are some of the most powerful free radical generators known to man.  What does this mean?  These ingredients, when absorbed by the skin can actually intensify free radical damage, causing cells to break down and illness to ensue.  This breakdown is believed to either
allow melanoma cancer ceils to generate in the deep layers of the skin or to actually cause it.  Either way, a link between these dangerous chemicals and deadly skin cancer has been established.

     What makes the problem even worse is that when sunscreen is slathered onto the skin, it is very easily absorbed into the bloodstream, causing damage to various parts of the body -- not just the skin.

     This year alone, more than 3.5 million new cases of skin cancer will be reported across the United States.  From mild carcinomas to deadly melanomas, skin cancer is a real danger to all of us. 

     Because most sunscreen products contain toxic chemicals that could cause you more harm then good, how can you protect yourself from sunburn, skin damage and cancer?

Studies Show That This Antioxidant Pill
Gives 800% More Sun Protection Than Sunscreen

Al Sears, MD, has discovered a way to change the way your skin responds to sunlight and halt the harmful process that leads to burns, wrinkles and aging -- at the cellular level.

     Three clinical studies show conclusively that when a'' sunscreen pill'' (containing a very powerful antioxidant) was taken by individuals who had varying degrees of hypersensitivity to the sun, they experienced higher tolerance to sun exposure and significantly lower tendency to redden, flush, or have sun-induced skin irritation. 

     Everyone in the 3 studies started to see results within 2 or 3 days.  Even among those with the palest (i.e., most sun sensitive) skin, there was 800% more sun protection.  It was like having an "internal sunscreen".

     And the best part about this "internal sunscreen" is that it works without blocking the sun's rays.  According to a recent study published in Anticancer Research, getting a little sunlight every day -- about 20 minutes for fair-skinned people, and 2 to 4 times as much for dark-skinned people -- can reduce the risk of 16 types of cancer in both men and women.

     There's no question about it ... your body has a physical need for sunlight.  I'm sure you already know that your skin reacts to sunlight by producing Vitamin D, which has been clinically proven to:

*Halt or even reverse the effects of bone diseases like rickets,
        osteomalacia and osteoporosis

*  Prevent many types of cancers -- including prostate, breast
        and ovarian cancer
  *Reduce the risk of melanoma
  *Elevate mood and boost mental performance
  *Relieve depression and reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia
  *Lower blood pressure
  *Increase white blood cell activity and strengthen the immune
  *Reduce high blood sugar levels, increase insulin sensitivity
        and prevent diabetes
  *Lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood
  *Promote weight loss
  *Provide more restful sleep
  *Increase energy and vitality

     Now, for the very first time ... it's possible for you to spend a relaxing day at the beach, play 18 holes on the golf course, or do hours of gardening without worry -- and without having to slather sunscreen on your skin ... all the while reaping the health benefits of sunlight.  Click on the  link  to access this revolutionary sun protection.

© Copyright 2010 Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

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