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Symptoms of a unhealthy person

Oct 21st 2013 at 11:13 PM

The diseases that we are created by ourselves, Diseases for Metaphysics
The American psychologist Louise L. Hay says that all diseases that we are created by us and we are 100% responsible for everything bad that happens in our body.
Whenever we are ill, we need to find out who we need to forgive. Grief, sadness, anger and revenge are a feeling that come from a place where there was no forgiveness and forgive dissolves resentment.

Listed below, you will meet a list of some diseases and their probable causes, prepared by Dr. Hay Improve

Tonsillitis: Emotions repressed stifled creativity.
ANOREXIA: Hate yourself appendicitis: Fear of life. ARTERIOSCLEROSIS: Resistance Refusal to see the good. ARTHRITIS: Critical stored for a long time. ASTHMA: Feeling restrained, repressed cry. Bronchitis: Family inflamed. Whoops, discussions. CANCER: Grief profound sadness kept for long.

CHOLESTEROL: Fear of accepting joy. SPILL: Resistance. Rejection of life DIABETES: Sadness deep. DIARRHEA: Fear, rejection, escape. HEADACHE: Self-criticism, lack of self-worth. KNEES IN PAIN: afraid to start, afraid to move on.

MIGRAINE: Suppressed anger. Person perfectionist fibroids: Food sorrows caused by the partner (a). FRIGIDITY: Fear Denial of pleasure. GASTRITIS: Uncertainty deep Sense of conviction. HEMORRHOIDS: Fear of certain deadlines. Rage of the past HEPATITIS: Anger, hatred. Resistance to change 
INSOMNIA: Fear, guilt Fear of not being in control.

MENINGITIS: Turmoil inside Lack of supports NODULES: Resentment, frustration Bruised ego SKIN (ACNE): Individuality threatened. Do not accept yourself.


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