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Switch from Tobacco Cigarettes to Green Smoke Electric Cigarette

Jun 14th 2011 at 2:02 AM

There are many things that make smoking tobacco cigarettes deplorable, but one of the most severe and commonly referenced is second hand smoke. After all, most smokers can justify the health risks they impose on themselves. If nothing else, as a smoker, it is your health and well-being that are being sacrificed and your money that you spend every day. It's your car and home that smell like an ashtray, and your carpet and upholstery that are dotted with the occasional burn mark. But sometimes, it's not just you who has to deal with the Health Risks of Tobacco. In the case of second hand smoke, smoking tobacco cigarettes can affect everyone around you, and it can profoundly influence those that you spend the most time with. While not all experts agree on just how much of a health risk second hand smoking represents, you don't need to be a medical expert to realize that second hand smoke is far from beneficial to those who inhale it. Why else might your friends cough every time you accidentally exhale in their direction? The truth is that tobacco smoke contains more than four thousand dangerous chemicals. Not only is the tar in tobacco cigarette smoke frequently linked to cancer and lung disease, but tobacco cigarettes also contain all the carcinogens of natural tobacco, as well as many synthetic additives. 

The more research that is done on the subject, the more it appears that there is simply no safe part of a cigarette. So, the best thing smokers can do is quit smoking. Since this is a hard task for most, many choose to stay with the nicotine they are addicted to, and yet, reduce most of the other toxins and carcinogens that they are used to put in their bodies. Smokers do that by switching to the Green Smoke electric cigarette, which contains the fewest number of chemicals. Green Smokers are ecstatic about their new gadget, which also allows them to smoke in no smoking zones. Read some Green Smoke electric cigarette reviews, and see for yourself.

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