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"Sweet" disease of civilization

Jul 13th 2014 at 9:41 PM

In Russia, more than 3 million patients. Our country ranks fifth in the world in terms of the incidence of diabetes in the population.

And experts are sure that the true number of cases may be several times higher than the official figures, as many people are often unaware of their diagnosis.

Which leads to diabetes? Dangerous than the so-called "sweet disease"? How to deal with an illness? And why Russia is so important to have their own insulin production technology? These questions are relevant today as ever.

Disease urbanization

Diabetes  - a chronic disease of the endocrine system, which is characterized by elevated blood sugar levels due to a deficiency of insulin - the hormone of the pancreas. Disease requires daily medication for the rest of life, as today is no cure for it is impossible.

The true causes of the disease are not clear science to this day. Today, however, are known factors that trigger its development. Officially established that  the second type of diabetes is  associated with obesity, which leads to an unhealthy diet and fast food,

lack of physical activity, constant stress, ie, the modern way of life. And if you add to this list of heredity, the prospects get diabetes with age as a constant companion of life significantly increased.

"Unsweetened" rules of the game

The danger posed by the diabetes - is a metabolic disorder in the body and the development of serious complications.

Put in jeopardy vision, kidneys, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Hinder the development of the disease allows systematic drug therapy chosen doctor and mandatory self-monitoring.

Depending on the type of diabetes patients have to take hypoglycemic agents do daily injections of the hormone insulin. Prerequisite of effective treatment is a strict diet, regular exercise and mandatory compliance with the doctor's recommendations

. According to experts, early diagnosis and early treatment of the disease allow patients to avoid serious complications and save the usual quality of life.,250511.html?from=0

The task of national importance

Regular intake of insulin is a vital necessity for many patients with diabetes. However, despite the increase in the incidence of diabetes among Russians, today the bulk of this vital drug purchased abroad. This means not only a huge financial expenses of the state budget,

but also the dependence on foreign manufacturers. To overcome this situation it is necessary to domestic production, has full technological cycle of the preparation, not just bottling and packaging of the finished product.,250512.html

Otherwise, the stored dependence on imported substance, i.e. the starting material. And if for some reason foreign supplies cease, then the production of finished products can be stopped

. In other words, the domestic production of insulin complete cycle - one of the most important conditions for ensuring national security.

Domestic technology: a vital need

Russian manufacturers of insulin almost all businesses use to process imported substance. According to the principle of full cycle now works domestic company - JSC

"National Biotechnology", located in the Moscow region Obolensk. Russian scientists who have devoted several years to scientific developments, own patented technology to produce life-saving drugs, and today continue to work on new agents for the treatment and  prevention of diabetes

. In 2003 the company launched the first production line for producing genetically engineered human insulin production capacity of 30 kg of substance per year

. Today, based outside Moscow enterprise technology can scale several times. It is noteworthy that the substance of the

"National Biotechnology" at the facilities of the Russian company issued a standard sample of genetically engineered human insulin, which is a public standard sample used for testing and Russian and imported drugs.

It is important to know and to speak!

The problem of diabetes in modern society is very serious. To solve it requires states to join forces, health authorities, public organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers. Promote domestic production of the complete cycle will help address a number of important economic and social problems caused by spread of the disease.

And while scientists have not found the means complete deliverance from diabetes, is of great importance preventive outreach among the population.

About how you can prevent the development of disease, and why it is so important regular diagnostics, everyone should know. Recently, a special place in the testing takes diseases Unit

Cabinet foll BIORS Master . With this device diagnosed diseases such (and most importantly, their causes) as diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis,

cancer and other diseases. It should be added that such a diagnosis is absolutely painless, which is important when working with children. With advanced diagnostic capabilities, with the help of this device it is possible to diagnose R.Foll.

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