Surgery For A Pretty You

Dec 9th 2015 at 3:01 AM

While vanity should not be something that you should fall prey to, it is important that you groom yourself to look the best you can. It indirectly shows that you have a healthy love for yourself, and would like to look attractive with what you have. Sometimes doing this involves surgical procedures – and no, it does not mean you have the tendency to be narcissistic. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. There is also certainly nothing wrong with getting a surgery done if some part of your body is being bothersome to you. You have the right to feel good about yourself, and sometimes surgery is the means to help you achieve that.

One of the most commonly sought surgical procedures in the world is rhinoplasty: infamously known as “nose job”. While it was originally meant for fixing the shape of broken noses, it gradually found its way into beautifying good noses. People that have big noses want them smaller, those that have small noses want the shape changed and those who have a good shape want them straightened. There is literally no end to “designing” a nose. It actually transforms a surgeon into a sculptor. Speaking of nose jobs, you face has features set out in certain proportions. When your nose misses that proportion even by a little bit, it becomes the most prominent feature of your face by standing out too much. This is what drives people to getting rhinoplasty done. This surgical treatment is supposed to create a nose that is not according to your liking, but according to the proportions of your face. A small, straight nose may be something that you want, but it may not look good on your face. People should not be able to readily point out that you have had a nose job unless you tell them – and that is when a rhinoplasty procedure is said to have been successful. If the first thing people see on your face is your nose even after rhinoplasty, understand that your nose still stands out too much.

Another most popular treatment for beautification is liposuction. Fast foods and unhealthy sleeping habits cause people to put on weight that they don’t have the time to shed. This is when liposuction comes in handy. It is a procedure wherein the extra flab in certain parts of your body is sucked out through a metal tube. How much you need to spend on this treatment typically depends on which part needs to be treated. You need to consult your doctor before going into this surgery, primarily to determine whether or not your body is fit enough for it. Smoking and consumption of alcohol may have to be put on hold as preparation for this surgical procedure. Precautions need to be followed to the letter to avoid side effects.

Other beautification procedures include breast augmentation and mommy makeover in Los Angeles. To read about these procedures in detail, visit the website at Mikoplasticsurgery.com.


Chris O’Donnelly is one of the most celebrated plastic surgeons in California who is also well known for the many interesting articles and blogs that he writes to help people understand various procedures. He recommends MikoPlasticSurgery.com as the name to trust for procedures like breast augmentation, facial reconstruction and even Rhinoplasty in California.


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