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Summer diet Benifiets

Jan 21st 2014 at 10:35 PM

Each of us look forward to the rest of the summer holiday desire . Where whether and how much time , let's continue the diet .

Holiday charm
The basics of the diet are:
- Small , but frequent meals ,
- To make a lot of fluid ,
- Vegetables and fruits are the best source of vitamins ,
- Light to follow the dietary rules

Small , but frequent meals
If at the end of the day desk , the food will remain in the stomach , heartburn , thirst , and you'll feel the weight . Therefore , it would be better during the day , 4-5 small meals every 3-4 hours , and it shall be.

Make a lot of fluid
Dry air, sea, high summer temperatures and sun, stay in the body is wasting more water than normal . Water is the primary component of the human body . All body processes associated with water . Therefore , it is necessary to accept as many as possible of the liquid . It accelerates digestion and helps the body to release toxins . Water is a key element of the body's cells . Effects in the body, thirst, dry skin , causes wrinkles and irritation . Please note that at least 2.5 liters of drinking water per day during the summer .
Obey the rules on light diet summer diet plan

Small packets
Eat breakfast regularly , this way you will provide your body with the necessary energy and will develop bowel movements . Which is less than the amount of food the stomach to digest it works well and it is coming soon .

Vegetables and fruits are the best source of vitamins -
If you have more time in the sun , our skin color will be better , but worse health . In addition, the effects of aging of the skin , changes in the tissues are exposed to radiation spots in and day out . It is important to use the correct makeup of the day ( at least factor 15 ) that protect our skin from the sun effectively . In addition , you need to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits . Initially, vitamins A , C and E , and choose the ones you need to be rich in antioxidants . They are caused by the sun's rays in the body fights the free radicals .

The following are the names of the best source of vitamins :
A : (beta carotene ) : yellow, orange and green colored vegetables and fruits , carrots, zucchini , green peas , , broccoli , apricots , peaches , melon
C :, berries , citrus fruits , peppers , tomatoes , parsley , cabbage, potatoes , wild radish ,
E : Vegetable oils , and seeds ( especially wheat) , leafy vegetables : parsley , spinach , lettuce and corn .

Let's not forget the physical exercises
Take your bike with you when going to the seaside or to the mountains and beach wear instead . the morning, then you will be more active during the day . Swim, swim and swim again ...... is recommended . This is for your body , especially for the very useful!

summer diet
Keep a light diet

It is very difficult to maintain for a long spring day. Weakens the digestive process , so the rest of the body for a long time now for Avoid heavy meals . Light meals rich in nutrients is recommended .
Light diet basics :
- Greasy, heavy foods ( fatty meats , cold meats , sauces ) Avoid
- Fried , roasted foods , especially should not eat
- It would be better cooked , to curing , less fried ( sautéed ) , and eat dishes cooked in foil
- Avoid creamy soups
- Do not eat dried foods

Milk products , wheat , whole - wheat cheese and onion , lemon iced tea ( ice - tea )
fruit salad
Lunch :
tomatla baked chicken, cooked spinach, carrot - apple juice , water, ice and lemon
2nd Lunch :
buttermilk and forest fruits
Dinner :
3 slices whole - wheat bread , low- boiled eggs , apricots , tea

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