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Suitable Diet Solution Program For You

Oct 24th 2012 at 12:23 AM

Diet is ideal for those who like to eat at night. For whom the diet on vegetables and yogurt are impossible. Especially for those who have decided to lose weight, they do not want to go over the half-starved diet. The name diet was due to political personalities. Who choose this diet for weight loss and as a further way of food, for which you can eat and drink delicious delicacies? In the diet, there are four points to be followed:

You can eat meat and cheese

Drink plenty of fluids

Valuable to eat fiber vegetables

Banned carbohydrates

Did not quite standard diet, but that's the essence of the diet. So you should consider all items in parts and see how you can lose weight by following the diet.

What can you eat and what is not in the diet?

You can still do after reading a small conclusion, a diet that is necessary to eat sausage! But then that's the essence of the diet, the body goes to the reduced consumption of carbohydrates. In order to get him to expend energy from the fat layer of the body, and not of those who came from eating carbohydrates. And now we have to limit in the diet of carbohydrates that enter the body. In this way the work is reconstructed metabolism and this should be made under the ban of the following carbohydrates - bread, sugar, potatoes, and cereals a day on the diet need to eat up to 40 grams of carbohydrates beyond diet solution .

And the problem will help you to overcome the consumption of vegetables. Of course, there are carbohydrates in vegetables. Only costs eat those vegetables, which they least. But in all the vegetables high in fiber, which is beneficial to the intestines. Vegetables which should be consumed for the diet are cucumbers, radishes, cabbage, zucchini, radishes, lettuce. You can also buy bran in a pharmacy or grocery store. Separate paragraph warned that fruits should be avoided. Is it that you can eat an avocado, because it is low carb. So who loves fruits, choose another diet. Let's go back to the second paragraph diet - is to drink plenty of fluids.

During the diet increases the load on the kidneys, so as not to upset the balance and not to worsen the situation should drink plenty of water. Water helps the kidneys function normally. Avoid sugary drinks, any liquid containing sugar. This means that the excluded: juices, fruit drinks, soft drinks, all sugary drinks. You can drink milk, but remember that one cup of milk contains 6 grams of carbohydrates diet meals plan.

In addition to water, you can drink teas, herbal teas, but without the sugar. But do not get carried away sweeteners and cold drink. Alcohol consumption should be prohibited in your diet program. And beer with little alcohol is replaced by a more robust and does not contain sugar - vodka, whiskey and cognac. Do not mix Coca-Cola light with brandy, so you can break the diet.

Advantages of the diet

Unlike other forbid salty, spicy, fried and fatty in the diet all it can be. Consume eggs, pickles, salad with mayonnaise, caviar. The only thing that your self-control must be turned on and everything is to eat in moderation. Cheese can be eaten, and even better if they are fat. It is better to eat solid than soft cheeses. Only now you have to be careful with processed cheese, they contain a lot of carbohydrates.

What is suitable diet?

Sweet lovers can say that the mental work is not suitable. After sweet is a high content of carbohydrates, but mental work depends on the general attitude. If a person is hungry, not hungry, not to faint, good mood, then work. Many reviews diet slightly struggling with a few extra pounds.But more than a dozen extra pounds can throw without much effort. Therefore, we can make a small conclusion that diet suitable for people with a large weight. But for people with

strong character, because for a long time will have to give up sweets. And if you like to eat meat and fish, you do not get frustrated and enjoy the cutlets and fried fish.

Contraindications to the diet:

The above appropriate diet should be give to those who have diseases associated with the kidneys, stomach, pregnant and lactating mothers. Include few vitamins in your diet, you can drink them separately. In the diet 100 grams of carbs equal points and there is a table that shows how many points in the product. No need to diet without carbohydrates, the body also needs carbohydrates. Need to eat to lose weight by 40 points. And to hold the weight you can eat up to 70 points per day.

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