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Stress Relief with Coloring Books.

Dec 28th 2015 at 4:25 AM

Adults all over the world are being informed that coloring in these "adult coloring books" is going to help with stress, offering relief by participating in the activity.  Will in my view the jury is still out on this one, because stress runs far far deeper and is more devastating than surely a coloring book can sort out?

I find it very interesting though that people have actually latched onto this and are turning to it literally in their millions - right around the world - in the hope that fiddling around with colored pens and pencils is going to somehow help.  So here I consider both sides of this point of contention, who knows, you may find them useful yourself.

Statement 1 - Coloring Books for Grown Ups HELP RELIEVE Stress.

Well, for me personally, sitting there with a complex pattern to fill in could actually take my mind off the days toil whilst I partake in the actual coloring.  Yes, I can easily see myself winding down whilst filling in the patterns and forgetting about ongoing problems such as paying the bills and what on earth the boss is whingeing about at work.  There is little doubt that the books can indeed act as a temporary distraction from the real world so long as you are able to concentrate and are not encumbered by outside influences such as the cell phone ringing non-stop or the kids shouting that they want their dinner.  For a couple of hours there is a distinct possibility that I could treat this as relaxing, similar to reading a good book.

Statement 2 - Coloring Books for Grown Ups HELP CAUSE Stress.

Now, there are always two sides to every coin.  Just as equally I am the type of person who gets fed up quickly.  Some of these designs are so detailed and complex that they actually demand a very deep level of concentration.  This in itself causes me to stress!!!!  What if I actually spend 20 hours on a pattern and end up doing the final segments incorrectly?  I know for a fact I would be pulling my hair out with frustration.......

On top of this, the hobby costs money, and if you don't have much then the next thing to happen will be the almost guaranteed "down" sensation that you wished you had more.

This adds to stress - it does not help ease stress levels.  Just think how wound up I would become as my last red pen runs out of ink just before I finish a design - I go out and buy another only to find its a different shade!!! arghghhh?!!!!  How frustrating.

Then - I have to say it - there is the mess.  The patterns require a wide range of colors and anything less simply means that the finished picture will not be as perfect as the artist intended.  So you have to get a huge selection of pens, crayons and pencils.  In very real terms - setting up and tidying away is in itself stressful.

So there are two sides to the case.  I think that some people will find it helps with stress, others will see things differently.

When addressing the longer term benefits, the outcome will be likely to be the same - it could go either way.  Lets assume that you get some kind of benefit with de-stressing, then if you continue the activity then its going to help long term because you will inevitably spend less time stressed out with things on your mind - this has to be a good thing for your overall health.

However, if you find yourself becoming wound up by the hobby - for whatever reason, then naturally one would assume it wise to stop as you wouldn't be enjoying it anyway, so you should be safe!!!

You can read what bloggers are saying about it here - there are plenty of opinions and OF COURSE - FOR MANY PEOPLE it is just a hobby or pastime and stress is not really a major consideration.

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