Stop using cigarette smoking as a coping mechanism for stress

Jul 22nd 2015 at 5:11 AM

Smoking is a very old habit that dates back thousands of years. In ancient times, smoking was seen both as ritualistic and a pleasurable pastime. Its use for pleasure has passed on into modern times and has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. In the 60s, TV was inundated with multiple advertisements that promoted the allure of cigarette smoking and this led to its wide adoption by both men and women. During those years, the dangers of smoking were not yet known and it was more commonplace to smoke than not to. Subsequent research showed cigarette smoking as contributing to miscarriages in pregnant women, lung and mouth cancer, and also the increased risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Smoking is also known to cause premature death. Awareness of all these dangers has caused many chain smokers to consider quitting so that they can live a longer and healthier life. However, like all addictions, it’s extremely difficult to shed a habit that has taken years to acquire.

Some studies have shown that certain people are able to stop smoking without any help. Other people will quit after a few days and then succumb. A larger majority find it difficult to go for more than a day without a cigarette. Such people have formed a dependency to cigarettes, often using cigarette smoking to deal with stressful situations. Phrases such as, ‘smoking to steel the nerves’, or ‘I can’t think straight. I need a cigarette’ are common among people who use smoking as a coping mechanism. If you belong to this specific group, you will no doubt have found that when you try to quit, you suffer from nervousness, sweatiness, headaches, blurred vision, poor memory and a dulled mind. Since you have associated cigarettes and your ability to function, these symptoms will manifest when you haven’t smoked and will disappear when you do. This level of dependency can be cured with methods such as hypnosis, which have been known to cure dependencies and addictions. If living in Melbourne, search online for hypnosis, Melbourne to find a hypnotist to help you break your smoking habit safely.

Even after quitting, there is always a danger of relapse. Like any other part of the body, the mind needs conditioning and you can only condition it by staying ‘tuned-in’ to your mind and paying attention to any thoughts of smoking. Staying ‘tuned-in’ to your mind will also help you to establish other coping mechanisms for stress and other difficult situations. Once you decide that you have had enough and don’t want to ever smoke again, adopt healthy habits such as meditation, exercise and a healthy diet. It also helps to avoid areas that you associate with smoking such as night clubs or your local pub. As will, keep up your sessions for hypnotherapy in Melbourne as these will help you to form and adopt new habits.

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