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Smoking mothers with activated enzymes

Oct 12th 2013 at 4:28 AM

Mentioned changes entail a restriction of fetal nutrition oxygenated blood from the mother, and hence it’s delayed ripening or until death.

Smoking mothers is activated enzyme system placenta and fetal liver, creates special agents - epoxides, benzpyrene and others, which then inhibit fetal cells in their activity. This causes reduced fetal weight and increased risk of developmental disorders. Although some smokers find that expecting a baby soon quit. Unfortunately, pregnancy is detected earlier than 2-3 weeks after fertilization of an ovum or later. In the first stage - the beginning of egg implantation, the woman has no idea that she is pregnant, even often knows not even the beginning of the second stage, when they are already starting to develop organs of the fetus.

So many women casually smoking, inhaling smoke into the lungs, thus the blood receives hundreds of pollutants, which are particularly sensitive germ cells of the fetus. Although we know that these cells have a certain amount of resistance and not always to be damaged, it is important to consider:

Indeed, there is such a risk be? see complete package

Fetal development shall not be infringed!

Nature will take care of itself optimal nutrition fertilized egg.

Despite polymerous and expanded blood capillaries penetrate the surface of the inner wall of the uterus liquid nutrients from the mother's blood. In the first period of implantation, i.e. since 6 day after fertilization, receive the entire surface of the egg diet. At this stage significantly increased.

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