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Smart Drugs With Less Side Effects And Undesirable Effects

Apr 11th 2015 at 4:40 AM

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is actually a synthetic compound which has the effects like nootropic. It’s a prodrug of the Modafinil, and both of them share similar structures. As a prodrug, the Adrafinil works to increase the production of the Modafinil in body. Researches showed that Adrafinil is able to activate the behavioral arousals without any amphetamine-like undesirable effects being caused. Due to this exceptional characteristic, the Adrafinil is grouped under “Eurgeroic” category of pharmaceutics.

Smart Drugs

Previous clinical studies showed that the Adrafinil is very effective in treatment of memory problems, arousal/vigilance deficits, sleeping difficulties, voluntary movement deficiencies among the elderly and depression. These studies were mostly conducted in France.

The benefits of Adrafinil:

Promotes vigilance and arousal:

In the non-human studies, the Adrafinil was able to increase locomotor and arousal activities of the aged canines along with causing no stereotypical activities normally seen on the amphetamines like stereotypical behavior, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, dependence and anxiety tolerance. The size discrimination was also enhanced and it appears that Adrafinil causes prolonged electroencephalographic activity. In an open-field study which compared Adrafinil, Propentofylline and Nicergoline, only Adrafinil was able to demonstrate a significant effect on memory and behavioral improvement and on alertness.

Increased learning:

Adrafinil also has the ability to effectively enhance learning according to one clinical study which compared a placebo and the Adrafinil.

Reduction of immobility:

Even though the World Anti-Doping Agency has banned both Modafinil and Adrafinil for athletes to use during any competitive sports, still the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve Modafinil for one of the treatment of hypersomnolence or narcolepsy. The US FDA has also approved Modafinil for therapy for any other sleep related disorders like the obstructed sleep apnoea (OSA).

Increased locomotor activity:

Similar to the Adrafinil, the Modafinil is also able to promote alertness and wakefulness amongst its users. It also increases the locomotor activities.

Neuroprotective properties:

According to some other studies it was found that it is very effective in treatment of substance addiction and it also has neuroprotective properties. Modafinil can exert its effects on its user without causing any ensuing rebound hypersomnolence which is normally seen with caffeine and some other amphetamines.

Less undesirable effects:

The undesirable effects like increased heart rate, dependence, tolerance, stereotypical behaviors, appetite problems, anxiety, anorexia and high blood pressure are not at all seen with the use of the Modafinil and the Adrafinil.

Anti-depressant like effects:


Adrafinil also has the anti-depressant like effects for its users that’s why its users like to buy Adrafinil.

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