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Sleeping too much and the harm caused by it

Aug 6th 2014 at 12:19 AM

You have heard much about the state of sleep deprivation and its effects, but data can sleep for good health? What is sleeping too much? Length of sleep you have a significant change in your life . It depends on age and activity level as well as health habits and your lifestyle. For example, in periods of stress or illness, you may feel you need more sleep than when healthy. But although sleep needs vary over time and each person but on the advice of the experts, the adult should sleep 7-9 hours a night.|-is-david-paltrow-scam/

Sleeping more than 10 hours is considered sleeping much. Why do some people sleep too much? For those who frequently suffer from lethargy, this is a sleep disorder . This certificate makes it always very sleepy during the day, not only noon.

It also makes them sleep more at night. Those experiencing depression, sleep all day usually always have anxiety, the loss of energy, decreased memory ... or obstructive apnea is a sleep disorder type leads to a need for more sleep with many people.|-is-david-paltrow-scam

That's because it disrupts the normal sleep cycle of them. however, not all people are as much sleep as they sleep disorders. There are also some other reasons lead to more sleep include: use of a number of substances such as alcohol and some prescription drugs or disease such as depression ... In this case, they only simply want to sleep alone at that time.

Sleeping too much and the harm it causes by 1
Sleeping too much to cause a variety of diseases, including diabetes, heart disease ... Artwork

Insomnia affects health, too much sleep, too. Below are influenced by the situation caused too much sleep.|-is-david-paltrow-scam

- Diabetes: Studies have shown that too much or not enough sleep each night may increase the risk of diabetes due to insulin metabolism in the body. - Obesity: too much or too little sleep can make you gain weight quickly.

Those who sleep nine or 10 hours a night will gain weight more than 21% higher in 6-year period than those who slept only 7-8 hours. - Headache: For some people prone to headaches, sleeping longer than normal weekend or vacation can cause headaches.

Researchers believe this is due to affect neurotransmitters in the brain, including serotonin. People who sleep too much during the day and break their night sleep can also be a headache in the morning. - Back pain: In the past, doctors advise you if you should lie back pain. But today, in the opinion of the health professional,|-is-david-paltrow-scam

you should still exercise regularly despite the back pain because according to them, can sleep much cause for back pain becomes more severe. Doctors today recognize the health benefits of maintaining a level of activity and rest given to each person and they suggest patients should not sleep too much. - Depression:

Although insomnia often associated with depression sleep too much, but also increase the risk of depression compared to 15% for those who slept enough. - Heart disease: Women who slept nine to 11 hours per night are at risk of heart disease Coronary 38% higher than women who slept 8 hours. Researchers have yet to determine a reason for the connection between sleep status and heart disease, but many people believe that sleep can cause the body works in you to be stagnant.

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