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Sleep and vital time

Mar 28th 2014 at 11:14 PM

Travel fatigue because of the time difference It may help you taking supplements of melatonin to reset your watch vital, and studies suggest that melatonin reduces the symptoms of travel fatigue because of the time difference in people who travel between the East and the West.
Different suggestions on dosage and times between researchers who conducted studies on melatonin, but doctor’s advice: • Taking melatonin after dark in the day and where you're traveling after dark for a few days after you arrive at your destination. • Taking melatonin in the evening for a few days before you travel in case you are heading towards the east. Unverified entirely from the safety and effectiveness of melatonin, may result in large doses to sleep disturbances and feeling very tired during the day. Alternate work If you work part-night or altered shifts, you can help yourself to get an adequate amount of sleep over sleep in a dark room, quiet and concern yourself at all levels, has help in some cases, medications that require a prescription or supplements available without a prescription. Here are some tips on how to get an adequate amount of sleep if you're working alternate: • Make sure that the room where you sleep is dark, and use curtains or wear a custom cover for your eyes to sleep. • Put the ear plugs to block out sounds. • Do not take caffeine in the hours leading up to to sleep. • Take a nap during a break at work, if possible. grow taller review Consult your doctor about the possibility of taking supplements or drugs, since doctors usually advised to take supplements or drugs for a short period only. In the evening the night Some people facing difficulty sleeping during the night and waking up early in spite of their attempts to resolve this issue, it may pose problems for them or be something natural, each according to his lifestyle and the program of work or school. If you are one of those who defend try to follow the following solutions to help you get to sleep earlier and not waking up at night. • Walking up at the same time every day regardless of the time who immortalized it to sleep. Do not allow yourself during the weekends (or days where you do not have to wake up) to sleep for more than one hour after the time that I used it to wake up to go to work or school. If this does not work you can experience technical treatments listed below.For More Information
Phototherapy. Light therapy refers in this case to expose yourself to bright light as soon as you wake up, and you can turn to the light of the sun or a lamp to bright light (10,000 lux) for 30 to 45 minutes a day. • Melatonin. Consult your doctor about taking supplements of melatonin in the evening to help you sleep. • Treatment of the biological clock. For those who stayed up at night, are a way to transform a day to 27 hours, and every cycle of sleep and waking, perpetuate to sleep late 3 hours, until it's bedtime that you want to be adopted effectively, and after the completion of this session for the first time, will continue to eternity to sleep At the same time you want. It may be difficult to implement this method as it may not fit with your show daily, and you are obliged to adhere to them strictly. Here's a sample of this method:

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