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Six of the best foods for diabetes

Jul 13th 2014 at 9:03 PM

Insulin - a hormone that helps convert glucose into cellular energy that is necessary for metabolism of cells of nutrients.

Type I diabetes mellitus usually called young because it occurs in early life. Pancreas does not produce enough insulin or does not produce it at all, and it must supply the body by injection or tablets.

The pancreas works in diabetes of the second type, and it happens at a later time. However, the body with insulin-resistant, or use the insulin in insufficient volume.

Often this type of diabetes can be controlled by diet and exercise to maintain blood sugar levels.

Chronically high blood sugar levels - an indicator of both types of diabetes . But sometimes the blood sugar level is kept low, especially in Type II diabetes.

Many of the symptoms of diabetes are associated with thyroid problems and adrenal glands, as fibromyalgia. Therefore it is necessary to check your blood sugar levels to determine your related health problems with diabetes or not.

What is diabetes

Obviously, food for diabetics should not contain foods with a high glycemic index. This refined starch, sugar, honey and high fructose corn syrup, sweets and biscuits.

unsweetened fruit juices - short-term solution for hypoglycemia, but undiluted juice should be avoided if you have high blood sugar levels.

Did you know that in many denominations fast foods contain a lot of sugar, even if they are not sweet? Avoid them.

( 1 ) Vegetables , especially green - you can eat them every day. Steamed vegetables and salads of raw vegetables nutritious for all. Salads from stores often contain sugar and sweeteners. Use for refills only cold-pressed vegetable oils, except soybean, as well as vinegar and lemon / lime.

( 2 ) Cut the avocado in your salad to give it the taste and nutritional value. Avocados have a low glycemic index and contain a lot of omega-3, which helps to treat chronic inflammation often associated with diabetes, as well as leading to other serious diseases. Avocado on top is an excellent source of vegetable protein.

( 3 ) Walnut also has a low glycemic index and is a source of Omega-3. You can add them to salads.

( 4 ) Fresh sea fish, especially tuna and salmon - are rich in Omega-3, and have a low glycemic index. If you like meat - they have a low glycemic index. But try to stick to the meat of cattle, fed grass to avoid antibiotics and hormones that are injected into farm animals.

( 5 ) The issue of grain is much harder. Obviously, to avoid the processed grain. But some whole grains have a high glycemic index. Nice change - this quinoa and buckwheat. Organic brown rice can come to some diabetics, as it does not turn into glucose quickly. But not many nutritionists recommend consuming it every day.

( 6 ) Various legumes can be added to dishes. Legumes are rich in protein and fiber and have a low glycemic index compared with potatoes. They can also be mixed with vegetables or served as a side dish.

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