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Six Natural Remedies for Diverticulitis

Nov 16th 2015 at 11:24 AM


Diverticulitis is the inflammation of the colon which makes the bowel movements painful. Mostly this digestive disorder is dealt with chemicals drugs. There also are these natural remedies that can give you relief and make the situation less bothersome. Moreover, the natural remedies will save you from the unnecessary side effects of the drugs. These natural remedies for diverticulitis will make the life a lot better than it had been.

  1. Liquid Diet should be the first thing to do if you are suffering from chronic conditions. The inflammation will be higher and bowel movements will have the toughest time. The liquid diet makes the stool softer and more watery, making the movements easier. The liquid will keep the body hydrated. Take nutritious broth, yogurt etc. This liquid diet exerts less pressure on the digestive system and it will have time to recover or repair all the damage happened. Stay on this liquid diet for about 3-4 weeks for best results. Take the solid food in the form of fruits and vegetables only. The vegetables are preferably cooked.

  2. Probiotics will enable the gut to restore the lost good bacteria. The good bacteria will improve the immune system working and the body will be able to prevent further inflammation. It will also curb the microbes that trigger the inflammation. Probiotics will need to be taken for an extended period regularly, which will have time enough to restore the bacterial colony, restore the lost immunity and also to boost the normal immune system.

  3. Avoid sugars at all costs. The sugars will have nourishing effect on the inflammation causing microbes. The regular supply of sugar into the blood will also affect the immune system responding to the inflammation. For diverticulitis, any delay in the immune system can be harmful and make the symptoms worse. Moreover, sugars can also contribute to the symptoms like gas, bloating etc.

  4. Add fiber in all forms. Try the whole grain oatmeal, fresh fruits, and vegetables that are rich in fiber. The high fiber diet will make the stool softer and will give less pressure on the colon and the inflamed part as well. The fiber will also regulate the sugar levels and make the immune system less vulnerable. The lack of fiber may lead to constipation which can worsen the inflamed colon condition.

  5. Exercises will keep the whole body on vigil. The movements of the body will also have positive effect on the digestive tracts and ensure smooth and regular bowel movements. The exercises will also strengthen the stomach muscles and boosts the digestion.

  6. Vitamins: In many instances, the lack of essential vitamins can also cause the sudden inflammation. The vitamin supplements can restore the vitamins and will slowly boost the body nutrition to have better defense against the inflammation. It will also boost the digestion process and which will have better effect on immunity. Many a times, the body misspelled immune response to its own cells that cause the inflammation in the colon. By strengthening the immune system, this situation may be averted.

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