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Sinus Drainage Annoying?

Dec 19th 2013 at 10:23 PM

sinusDraining sinus symptoms are very common in adults and may be many contributing causes of the problem. In most cases, the person complains of thick mucus and saliva that bothers them, because there are sticks in the throat and having trouble clearing out. They may complain of a lump in her throat, difficulty swallowing food, may have hoarseness, frequent throat clearing or a dry cough.

Symptoms of acute or chronic sinus drainage may be secondary to inflammation, such as that produced by virus or bacterial infections of the nose and throat or esophagus caused by reflux. Inflammation causes increased thickness ccontradad and frequency of these secretions. In other situations, such as an allergic attack or exposure to irritating fumes or dust, mucous glands appear to increase the flow of mucus to try and wash the irritation caused excessive sinus drainage. Again, take stock of your fluid intake and be sure that you are drinking the liquid ccontradad necessary and even increase clarify some thickening of secretions.

But how can a person decide if he or she is drinking enough fluids to the right at the time to help stop sinus drainage, ie thin secretions out so they are not already aware of breast drainage? In the absence of other medical conditions that can affect kidney function, simply observing the color of urine is a simple means of doing, almost as effective as an expensive laboratory test of urine that determination. If the urine is very pale in color, then usually diluted indicating that a well hydrated. If dark color, the opposite - you're not getting enough fluids.

If someone is consuming multiple vitamins regularly (a good idea), then for 3 or 4 hours after taking vitamins urine is usually much darker and color. If you drink more than 8 to 12 ounces of beverages containing caffeine or alcohol a day, the urine will be pale, but you may still be low in the necessary fluids and therefore continue to have symptoms of sinus drainage. Caffeine and drinks containing alcohol are not of benefit to the person with "sinus drainage" because caffeine and alcohol are diuretics and both act as a "water pill" and remove water from your system instead of help restore water to your system.

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