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Simple tips that make the difference

Jul 8th 2014 at 9:20 PM

A, better known as high blood pressure, hypertension is a disease that affects the functioning of various body organs such as the heart , kidneys and even the brain. It is considered that if a person's is hypertensive blood pressure levels are greater than or equal to 14/9.

It is estimated that in Brazil, more than 20% of the population and half of those over 65 suffer from this evil. Although less recurrent than in adults, the disease also can appear in childhood . But the good news is that you can adopt some healthy habits that help lower blood pressure.
lower the pressure

Simple changes in lifestyle allow lower blood pressure and maintain healthy life. Photo: Shutterstock

The disease is chronic, ie, has no cure. However, it can be controlled, mainly those with cases of slight hypertension (14/9 for example).

That is, with some effort and dedication, anyone can download the personal pressure, provided you follow some important steps.

By adopting simple changes in lifestyle, you can work around the problem and lower blood pressure Despite this, many patients can not always achieve the proposed objective and need to take medication daily until the end of life, to control blood pressure . Therefore, it is important to do regular tests to check your heart rate as they walk.

Who suffers from high blood pressure is not necessarily hypertension, since for such a condition, you need to stay with higher rates than normal.

Any person is subject to a variation in your heart rate at any time, either by a physical effort or an episode of stress. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the pressure at least once a year. This is the only way to establish a diagnosis early .
Good practice to lower the pressure
Some attitudes may help not only prevent disease but also control the already high levels of pressure .

Check out some tips to get around this natural and healthy way:
1 - Practice regular physical activity, especially aerobic, such as walking, jogging and swimming, which contribute to the improvement of the entire circulatory and pulmonary system. But take care not to overdo it: Before you start, consult a specialist.

2 - Maintain a healthy diet. Include in your diet plenty of fruits and vegetables.
3 - Avoid alcoholic beverages, because alcohol in large quantities tends to raise blood pressure. Browse cut the drinks from your diet or consume very sparingly.
4 - Try to maintain your ideal weight, overweight because hampers the effort to get the heart pumping the blood .

5 - Be sure to take the medication as instructed. Quit taking drugs on their own is a high risk to your health because some may raise blood pressure, such as anti-inflammatory drugs and contraceptives.

6 - Stop smoking. Cigarette smoking increases the pressure immediately.
7 - Reduce salt intake. In excess, it increases water retention, leading to hypertension.
8 - Control your emotions, avoiding stress.

He appears as the body's response to physical and emotional overloads, leading to hypertension and heart disease.
9 - Make regular medical examinations. They not only help to identify the problem early, as treatment easier.

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