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Seizure requires fast service. Identify the symptoms

Jul 17th 2014 at 7:39 PM

A seizure occurs when the muscles contract involuntarily, reaching all or part of the human body. They occur due to a malfunction of our brain , which sends "wrong" stimuli that cause involuntary muscle contraction, and usually last 3-5 minutes.

Experts indicate that the seizure may have three phases: a tonic phase (verified when the body is stiff and clenched teeth ), chronic phase

(which is when there is involuntary contractions with enough saliva) and the postictal phase (which is noted when there is enough drowsiness by the victim and some confusion).

Seizures can cause enough saliva and there is risk of the person choking. Photo: Shutterstock
The symptoms of convulsion are:
- Loss of consciousness ;
- Fall;
The first aid in a crisis of seizure are important. Check out what they are:
- Firstly, a crisis of upheaval , it is essential to prevent the person from falling down , since it can not hurt.

- If you have control over the victim, look throw it on the floor. Here, it is important to throw it aside , since, as the seizure can cause enough saliva, there is risk of the person choking;

- As the seizure generates muscle contractions involuntary, we recommend placing a near victim's head pillow to prevent it hurt this region;

- It is important to loosen up a bit the clothes of the person who is suffering seizure , since so she can breathe better . Also, lift the chin of the victim, which also helps in breathing;
- If the victim has episodes of seizure applicants, call medical help .
What not to do in cases of seizure

Beyond first aid above, it is important you keep in mind what you should do in case of seizure . And here, the most important tip is to avoid what you may instinctively will do: never try to pull the language d victim , because as their movements are involuntary,

chances are that she bite you.
Moreover, it is not recommended to throw cold water on the person who suffered a seizure at her wake. Drowsiness and sleep after an episode of convulsion is common, so do not despair.
Seek medical attention after seizure

A seizure happens because of an abnormal functioning of the brain. So it is important that, after the crisis of seizure , the person to schedule an appointment with a specialist to investigate.


To help the professional to reach the cause of the problem , who witnesses a person having an episode of seizure should note the following:
- Time the seizure ;

- If the involuntary contractions of seizures are happening only on one side of the body, or on both sides and after the crisis, the movements return to normal or there is some difficulty;
- If, during the crisis of seizure , the victim keeps his eyes and mouth open or closed;

- If there is change in the color of the person suffering the seizure ;
- If the victim of the seizure is unconscious or not and in the latter case

, if the consciousness is recovered or no sleepiness. In addition, you need to check the clarity soon after the episode and question if the victim remembers what just happened.

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