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Rheumatic diseases: When packs are no longer enough

Jul 15th 2014 at 10:45 PM

Every fourth patient who comes to the general practitioner, says that it hurts the backbone or the pain in the joints: the knees, hip, elbow, fingers, hands or feet. Sometimes in the back 'the cut' every human being. Men often painful lumbar spine and elbows, and women have more problems with the neck and fingers and toes.

About a painful tear in the joints, bones and muscles, which is known under the name of rheumatic diseases, we talked with the chief dr. Dusan Logar, MD. between., specialist internist - rheumatologist who works at the Clinical Section of Rheumatology at the Hospital Dr. Peter Handrails in Ljubljana.

Bad habits at a young age and later can cause problems with the joints. Children often have overweight school bags, poor posture, flat feet, unadjusted height desks at school or at home. In adults can cause problems too narrow and too high shoes, obesity, lack of exercise or repetition of the same movements,

carrying heavy loads, pregnancy ... All this can also lead to rheumatic problems, notes interlocutor: "But most just cause irregularities and wear the spine and joints, but not as arthritis or spinal cord, which is typical of rheumatism.

For people who work with frequent repetitive movements and poor working postures, such as dressmakers in the textile industry, can occur in the extra-articular rheumatism, muscle, tendons and tendon attachment points. "

Sudden back pain with deep bending or lifting loads, especially if spreads to the legs, the pressure on the intervertebral discs of the spine near the nerve root.
Not all of rheumatism
How to easily tell what is rheumatism rheumatism or dialog?

Any pain in the bones, muscles and joints people often associate with rheumatism. Every few days tearing bones, joints and muscles in most cases does not result from inflammatory rheumatic diseases. If, for example, in the heat of the summer driving in a car with an open window and a wind drafts sweaty neck, then it is no wonder if we begin to ache muscle Turning heads.

The pain can be so severe that the next day we can not turn your head. Therefore, it is then many people believe that he got rheumatism, which can not be got rid of all life.

With the warm covers and painkillers are sudden muscle pain in a few days to settle down. If we advance more careful later with similar problems will no longer be met.
'Real' rheumatism is quite another, and covers a variety of diseases that mostly gradual progress, and generally causing untreated patients diagnosed with early disability. In some cases, if you are affected vital internal organs, and even death. Rheumatic diseases are the following:

diseases of the joints and spine defects due to wear (arthrosis, spondylosis);
diseases of the joints and / or spinal column, caused by an autoimmune induced inflammation (such as rheumatoid arthritis);

joint inflammation, caused by deposition of crystals in the joints (for example gout);
systemic connective tissue diseases in which the inflammation is in addition to the joints and muscles may be affected more internal organs;

idiopathic vasculitis, which ignited small or large vessels in the internal organs, also in muscles and joints and

extra-articular rheumatism with inflammatory or degenerative changes of soft obsklepnih tissue (tendon attachment points, tendons, and muscles mucilaginous bags). I also include fibromyalgia syndrome.
When the pain in the bones, joints or muscles normal?

Often the bone, joint or muscle pain merely a reflection of excessive working or sporting load, and then in a few days to rest, massage, warm compresses (thermo) or short-term administration of painkillers disappear without serious consequences.

Sometimes it can be bone pain in children occur in an era of rapid growth. However, this can only be assessed by a doctor of preliminary due diligence of a child, which must be carried out and appropriate laboratory tests and, if necessary,

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