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RFID Inlay Comes With the Benefit of Read Range With Substantiated Capability

Mar 23rd 2014 at 3:04 AM

The RFID inlay is simply a tag on a bendable substrate that is ready for conversion to a smart label. The benefit of read range and unsubstantiated capability of tags are present with it along with cost effectiveness.

RFID commonly the Radio Frequency Identification is the innovative technology that is being famous day by day for the product identification and data storage where the barcode technology fails to work. It is an automatic identification technology and reads encoded data through radio frequency waves. The RFID tags come with two categories active or passive. These tags are also called as inlays and transponders. If explained in technical terms then the RFID inlay is simply a tag on a flexible substrate that is ready for conversion to a smart label. This label can extend the elementary operating of RFID by combining it to the barcode technology. Hence it provides the benefit of read range and substantiated capability of tags with the adhesive label embedded.

The RFID inlays are composed of integrated circuits and dipole antenna that are being attached with the help of strap. These inlays are present in two types one is wet and other is dry.  The RFID dry inlay are commonly attached to the substrate backing material called web. The antenna that is used in the inlays to attach with IC can be made of silver, aluminum and copper. Although there are some more exotic materials too that can be used but that are considerably more expensive to make. All type of inlays rolls ready to raft into finished tags. As there is wide variety integrated circuit so is the variety of antennas wider from very small to dot, button etc.

RFID wet inlay is the type that have an adhesive backing with a cleared or colored top surface. The type of surface that is commonly used to make RFID labels is of PVC or PET. The inlay is placed on the back of the label away of the adhesive side to make the label adhesive continuously. The placing of a wet inlay to each label is very specific considering each RFID printer. This is so important to make them program correctly. This is also done to minimize the risk of damaging the RFID inlay while printing. These days the RFID implementation is present with the advantages of quality performance and cost factors that is simply low. Contact us for more details about our products.

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