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Reliable Cosmetic Clinics in London Will Help You Age Gracefully

Dec 14th 2015 at 3:56 AM

It is everybody’s wish to look as young as they feel. But time is a menace. Time is an abomination which leaves deep scathing marks on passage. The human skin bears witness to time with marks of disfiguration. Some common signs of ageing are—

· severe wrinkles

· sun spots

· smile lines around the nose

· marionette lines around the mouth

· crow’s feet marks around the eyes

· the “turkey neck” syndrome; and a range of other diverse symptoms.

The top dermatologists in London have to deal at large with complaints regarding age induced disfiguration of the body. They note that despite the intimidating clutches of age getting under their skin, people are never in favour of taking a break. Everybody wants to be in the game and for the same reason they choose to undergo excellent rejuvenating therapy to revive their body instead.

Cosmetic science today has developed many effective fixes for the old and dying skin. Today, a visit to the plastic surgeon is not the only solution. Turning back the years is now possible to a great extent through doctoring by nonsurgical treatments. The majorly successful nonsurgical correctional procedures for the skin concern—

· boosting injections as used in Dermal Filling

· muscle relaxers like the catalyzing agent Botulinum Toxin

· and some other “liquid facelifts”.

There are also scopes for direct operation on the skin surface. Top cosmetic developers blend effective and hazard-free bio-chemicals for direct application on the skin. The moisturizing crème helps restoring the lost hydration while the chemicals act upon the dark spots, lightening and in due course erasing them. Today, more and more people are signing up for nonsurgical treatments to avoid the risks of surgery-related mishaps. Minimally invasive alternatives to cosmetic surgery result in lesser pain, no scarring and a quicker recovery. Even comparisons in costs show that the nonsurgical alternatives are way more beneficial than surgical processes.

Visit the capital cosmetic skin clinics in London to get in touch with masterful skin specialists. There are a number of options available in the market for improving the skin of the face and body. But you have to be sure about which one will suit your skin type the best. To help reach a clear cut logical conclusion about this difficulty, you are welcome to join consultation with the experts at the top dermatological institutions in London. Registered skin care experts with medical training and affiliation are now functioning mainly in London and Croydon. They are introducing the best of effective skin renewal treatments to a wide circle. Here is to list a few:

Rejuvenation with Botulinum Toxin

The use of Botulinum Toxin—a substance packed full of useful bacteria has been tried and tested positive for erasing dense facial lines on ageing, dry skin. This neuro-toxin works in an interesting way. When Botulinum Toxin is injected deep in the muscular crevices, it limits superfluous movements. The substance has a potent paralyzing effect. It effectually numbs the nodes of the muscular tissues. This temporary paralysis of the muscles is possible by blockage of those nerves which supply the muscle with impulses. Expert cosmetic doctors know exactly which muscle nodes are to be targeted. They strategically inject Botulinum Toxin to limit the formation of wrinkles on the facial and extra facial regions. This method has been in use successfully. Despite celebrity gossips of failed Botulinum Toxin injections resulting in disastrous makeovers, it remains the number one cure for the wrinkling skin.

Chemical Peeling for Multiple Benefits

The next non surgical skin rejuvenation treatment on the line is chemical peeling. Direct application of purifying chemicals on the skin, also known as chemexfoliation, brings about an accelerated exfoliation. Skin damage is induced by caustic agents. From day to day sun exposure and exposure to dust and pollutants, our skin pores are chocked. The damage is further intensified by the release of cytokines. This results in thickening of the epidermis. Deposition of collagen is another factor that enhances the damaged appearance. Collagen deposition ends up in the increase of dermal layer. All these damaging effects can be undone gradually by chemical washing from time to time. Top skin treatment centres also guarantee that after going through periodical chemical peel treatment, you do not have to shy away from the sun anymore. Solar elastosis or actinic elastosis—the abnormal accumulation of elastic tissue around the eye and other vulnerable dermal parts, is the consequence of excessive exposure to the sun. The process is called photoaging. Yes, it is the source of that severely pockmarked skin which you have always dreaded. On application of active chemicals to your skin, the marks of photoaging will diminish dramatically.


The journey to get smoother and healthier corrected skin does not end in merely obtaining the best anti wrinkle treatment. You also have to take certain measures to keep the effects. Post-treatment care involves refraining from using makeup. Best anti wrinkle treatments in London will last for a good span of 12 weeks and you can always stretch its effects for longer by following the basic and ubiquitously known no-frills daily care routine. Makes sure to properly clean, tone and moisturize your skin on a regular basis.

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