Reishi Tea and Your Health

Mar 5th 2011 at 5:54 PM

I love having tea.  So much so that I do not care much about what kind of tea I sip – as long as it’s hot and soothing. I used to think tea was for the elderly – imagine afternoon tea with some English aristocrats. My own affair with tea only started a few months ago.

Chinese Oolong Tea helps to calm my digestive system and helps me avoid that feeling of being bloated that often follows a meal loaded with fat and carbohydrates. Chamomile tea helps me find restful sleep. There are actually 2000 different kinds of tea in the market today. Most are classified into three: black, green and oolong.

Tea benefits include great anti-oxidant properties, help lower cholesterol levels and promote a healthy immune system. But, there are some tea varieties like Reishi Tea that promises even more.

Reishi Tea, also known as Ling Zhi in China, comes from the fungi specie Ganoderma lucidum. It has been around for thousands of years always a key ingredient in eastern remedies. It grows on dead wood and may have an appearance of brown red shelves.

It’s known as a kind of ‘magic’ herb because it heals a number of ailments from different kinds of body systems. The Chinese also theorize that the six varieties of the Reishi mushroom are meant for different body systems as follows:

red (heart)
green (liver)
black (brain and kidney)
white (lungs and skin)
purple (joints)
yellow (spleen)

As you can see, Reishi tea has got you pretty much covered – and you are just drinking 1 cup of tea! By the way, there are also capsule supplements and coffee available for all you non-tea loving people.

Here are some more benefits of Reishi Tea:

To keep your heart healthy, Reishi tea helps you lower your cholesterol levels therefore preventing atherosclerosis. It also helps delay blood clotting so it can also prevent stroke and heart attacks from happening.

It may also have anti-tumor forming and anti-cancer properties because it enhances the immune system- helping it to fight known and unknown intruders.

Like chamomile tea, reishi tea also promotes excellent sleeping habits – some even consider it as a mild sedative.  Reishi tea is also an excellent anti-oxidant. Oxidation is the process by which the cell utilizes oxygen and produces waste called oxidants which affects nearby cells- causing damage.

Antioxidants helps flush out these menaces from your body.  Reishi tea may also be given to those on chemotherapy – most have noted less disability from the pain and discomfort that often accompanies cancer therapy.  It may also help protect the liver from damage as in hepatitis or chronic alcoholism.

People living with diabetes mellitus, allergies and asthma have also known to manage their illnesses better with the help of Reishi Tea.

An important note: tell your doctor if you plan to be on a Reishi regimen especially if you are taking medications for your heart or for your blood.

Reishi tea is a great way to start your tea regimen.

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