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Reduce the chances of stroke

Jul 15th 2014 at 8:32 PM

Among the many tips that are circulating in reducing the chances of a stroke, it now appears another very simple. Increase potassium intake and reduce the intake of salt, at least as recorded by experts in the British Medical Journal.

Among the numerous studies have found that also the consumption of fruit and vegetables rich in potassium helps in reducing the chances that struck stroke .

Enough of two to three servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day, and furthermore it is to have a positive influence the decision to reduce the salt in the diet. That to maintain a healthy diet affects the overall health, while avoiding a stroke, is fortunately becoming increasingly well known.

In addition to the discovery that increase potassium in the diet has a positive effect on blood pressure regulation, were found to be no adverse effects on renal function or hormone levels. Therefore, the World Health Organization (WHO)

has issued the first guidelines on the intake of potassium and recommended that adults consume more than four grams a day.

Study British Medical Journal, the focus is on twenty-two and eleven research studies, and figured that increase potassium intake to 3-4 g per day effective in lowering

blood pressure for adults. This same increased concentration was also associated with a 24 percent lower chance of stroke. Are likely to also affect blood pressure in children, but for this kind of reasoning do not yet have enough data.

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On the other hand, a separate study on dietary intake of salt at the Institute of Preventive Medicine Wolfson at the University of London analyzed the results of thirty-four research. Experts have found that a modest reduction in salt intake


for just four weeks caused a significant lowering of blood pressure in humans so with higher than normal blood pressure.

The result refers to both men and women, regardless of ethnic group. Graham MacGregor, who led the study, said that a modest reduction in salt intake split equally. Therefore, to reduce the intake of 3 grams daily to achieve long-term effects and effectively reduce blood pressure and also reduce the chances of stroke.
Salt and potassium act in the opposite direction, therefore, the combination of more and less of potassium salts the more positive effect than the

change of only one of these two habits. High blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for stroke. In any case, do not spend more than 5 grams of salt a day (of course, this amount is too high, so try to avoid it).
Where to find potassium?

Potassium is an important mineral that controls the balance of fluids in the body - as we have already mentioned a few times - it helps in lowering blood pressure. It is found in most types of food, especially in fruits such as bananas,;action=display;num=1404792358

vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, milk, fish, chicken and bread. The recommended quantity is equivalent to five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Our early ancestors had a diet rich in potassium, processed food while the potassium content decreased markedly.

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