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I'm a natural health educator and consultant, and I help people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired restore their health so they can feel great and get on with their lives. I also love being creative, spending time with my family (especially my grandkids!), reading, gardening, and learning!
Terry Honeyman | TerryHoneyman
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Reasons Your Child May Be Wetting the Bed

Aug 25th 2010 at 6:57 PM

When a child wets the bed during sleep, it’s very often due to the same reason some adults wake up two or three times a night having to go to the bathroom … adrenal fatigue.  The adrenals help to regulate the body’s balance of fluids.  But bedwetting can also be due to fear, hypoglycemia, mineral imbalances, or kidney and/or bladder weakness.

To build the adrenals and regulate blood sugar, Licorice Root or HY-A are very helpful.   Also, a protein bedtime snack of  cottage cheese, a couple of ounces of peanut butter, or beef jerky may help.   Collatrim taken at bedtime will have the same effect. 

If mineral imbalances are contributing to the problem, Magnesium deficiency in particular could be the root cause.

Herbs such as JP-XJuniper Berries, Kidney Activator, Marshmallow, Parsley, and Uva Ursi are used often to encourage urination during the day. 

Another cause can be a lack of tone in the sphincter of the bladder.  If this is the case, Uva Ursi  taken as a tea can be helpful.

For adults, see  Incontenance

Other supplements that are helpful in eliminating bedwetting are:  Adrenal SupportBlack CohoshChromium GTFCornsilkCranberry & Buchu,  EleutheroFree Amino AcidsGreen Tea Extract,  Herbal CAKava KavaKidney Drainage,  Master GlandPro-PancreasRed RaspberrySt. John’s WortSuper AlgaeUrinary MaintenanceWhite Oak Bark


Steven Horne, R. (. (2003). The Comprehensive Guide to Nature’s Sunshine Products. St. George, UT: Tree of Light Publishing

Please to comment
Oct 28th 2010 at 12:15 PM by igytomas
Right, if cause is the physical body problem than all you say may help but what about fear you have mentioned? It was my wife and our daughter and many people I know who suffered this problem because of fear. This kind of fear which haunts many children at night in the dark bedroom. We found that change of a bed location or just dimmed light left in the child's room helps remove all night 'demons' and bring healthy sleep.
Sep 30th 2010 at 8:40 PM by aprilmoorebroker
great article
Sep 10th 2010 at 11:40 AM by houseofmax
Interesting tips on bed-wetting. Magnesium deficiency I maybe aware of, but protein snacks with peanut, cottage cheese and beef jerky is new to me. Thanks for sharing
Aug 25th 2010 at 10:35 PM by TerryHoneyman
yeah, it is painfully embarrassing for the kids. And so many parents don't understand why this happens. I'm so happy for Dave that he no longer has this issue and hope he can get beyond the embarrassment ... it's a very common thing with boys (and some girls too). I really hope my article helps people!
Aug 25th 2010 at 7:32 PM by phmoisan
Hi Terry, I didn't read the article, only the title caught my attention, and I felt the need to share our experience with our twin boys. Steeven hasn't wetted his bed or clothes since he was 2 and half years old. Dave, on the other hand, we had to wake him around 11h30 PM every night to make him pee, and even then, sometimes, he did it in his bed. Someone told us not worry about it until the age of 7. Well, the problem was over by itself a few months ago, 3 months after he was 7. I think what made the difference was when he realized Steeven would have the permission to sleep at friends's places but not him, cause we must admit it still is an embarrassing subject.

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