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Reasons night gluttony and their solutions

Jul 11th 2014 at 9:36 PM

One has only arrows hours closer to midnight, as he wakes up - evening, night and even appetite. And no tricks will not stop him on his way to the fridge: no padlock or a sealed plaster mouth, or even subsequent remorse and guilt. How do you cope with the desire to eat at night?

night gluttony

Reasons night gluttony and their solutions

1. Lack of breakfast

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day . This food will be "energy fuel" for most of the day. Without breakfast the body tries to stock up on energy for the future with the night.

Solution: train yourself to breakfast. Let breakfast consists of at least a pair of spoons of porridge, apple, yogurt, omelet. Within a week of this experiment you, rising in the morning, you will experience the unfamiliar feeling of hunger before, and your body will gradually into the correct feeding regime.

2. Shortage of nutrients in the body

Problem: This applies not only to the night, but the constant feeling of hunger, when an hour after a meal you want to eat again.

Such hunger says about pollution of the body: it has accumulated a large amount of insoluble harmful preservatives, toxins and other chemicals that, settling on the walls of the intestine, prevents nutrients are absorbed and benefit the body.

Brain does not receive the information that you need to work all received, and again sends a signal about the need to eat. It turns out that all of the absorbed eaten only a quarter, but when you consider the quality and extent of the use

(or rather, lack thereof) of products such as chips and instant soups, the percentage derived nutrients falls back in several times.

Solution: Helpful nutrition . Here are some foods that can reduce appetite and not to spoil the figure in the evening or even night time: a cup of yogurt, wheat bran, fiber, cucumbers, peeled, boiled chicken breast, broccoli. All this - night snacking options, a part of the night is not food.

3. Wrong dinner

That night, our body most actively building new cells, it is a process of rejuvenation, growth and development. Building material for all this is a protein. If the night in your gastrointestinal tract no dietary protein, the body begins to destroy itself, to get a new building material. This problem can be, as they say, to see. Her symptoms - premature skin aging , muscle and whole body. So dinner should always consist of protein.

Solution: carefully select products. If the reason for the night in the absence of binge eating protein foods evening, then take it a rule to eat for dinner serving seafood, fish, eggs or cheese. One year later, a food habit you will find that looked much younger, and your skin will become more beautiful and supple.

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