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Reaping the benefits of hyperbaric therapy

Apr 30th 2015 at 5:58 AM

Hyperbaric therapy is highly popular these days for providing relief from a number of conditions. Traditionally, the method was used to treat deep-sea divers suffering from ‘the bends.’ Hyperbaric chambers are basically cylindrical chambers where people can breathe 100 percent oxygen. This high level of oxygen in the body promotes the growth of new blood vessels and tends to boost the body’s natural healing process.

People consider hyperbaric therapy Edmonton if they have very little or no relief from traditional medicine practices. The treatment is preferred for serious conditions like diabetic foot ulcers, chronic wounds, bone infection, compromised skin graft, burns, radiation injury, carbon monoxide poisoning, and others.

Hyperbaric chamber is an incredibly powerful therapeutic tool for patients. For this reason, the use of hyperbaric chambers is increasing tremendously. Many hospitals have started offering oxygen therapy to treat wounds and ulcers in patients who respond less to traditional drugs.

Enhancing oxygen level

For decades, hyperbaric chambers are associated with the treatment of decompression sickness that can strike divers who surface too quickly. Nowadays, it is the mainstream treatment administered in pressurized chambers with different capacities – some chambers may hold one person whereas some can hold a dozen or more people. Patients breathe pure oxygen under pressure conditions that are approx. three times higher than normal. It boosts the amount of oxygen in the blood stream. This oxygen rich blood bathes damaged tissues while stimulating the release of chemicals that promote healing. Also, it aids in the formation of new blood vessels.

This popularity of oxygen therapy has led to the growing need for this treatment in the community, especially among the aging people with less hope for the success of treatment. However, not all patients qualify for the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Some patients are suggested to seek treatment only for the 13 FDA-approved conditions: acute thermal burn injury, intracranial abscesses, carbon monoxide poisoning, arterial insufficiencies, air or gas embolism, gas gangrene, crush injury, osteomyelitis or chronic bone infections, decompression sickness, severe anemia, necrotizing (dying) soft tissue infections, compromised skin grafts and flaps delayed radiation injury. However, there are many non-evidence based uses of this therapy to treat various other conditions.

Some people also believe that it aids in the treatment of cancers. Hyperbaric therapy Edmonton is actually used to treat damage caused by radiation therapy. Radiations do kill the cancer cells but also damage blood vessels. With hyperbaric therapy, growth of new blood vessels can be promoted which feed cells.

Overall, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is still under deep research, provides hope to patients with some serious disorders.

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