Ready to Donate Stem Cells: Let’s Know about this Facility in Detail

Jan 6th 2016 at 1:38 AM

In the present medical industry, stem cells are considered as a useful resource of medicinal properties that are helpful to cure life-threatening diseases like cancer, leukemia, thalassemia, etc. The umbilical cord blood collection facility has received a pretty good response from the Indian people, and many reputed cord banks have established in India from where anyone can collect or donate stem cells. The storage of specialized cells is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for couples that are planning for a baby because it can save your child from the danger of developing blood disorders, and other diseases.

Cells are Associated with Particular Organ

Our human body is the combination of cells and tissues that helps in functioning of a particular organ like, heart cells for heart function & development. Generally, no other medicine can cure genetic or blood disorders for this purpose, the use of stem cells is suggested in the medical industry that is equivalent to a blessing for child suffering from diseases like thalassemia or some blood cancers.

Stem Cells Useful to Cure Genetic Disorders

The other reason why stem cells storage is encouraged by medical practitioners is that no one others cells matches with your family members. Understand the complete process in detail, couples planning to have a second child can opt to store cord blood during delivery. If their first child has certain type of blood disorder, then the stored stem cells of your new born second baby can be used to cure the sick child.

Stem Cells are the First Preference of Medical Experts

It is possible only when stem cells of new born are compatible with the sick child’s so that cell transfusion can be done easily. According to medical industry experts, the chances are higher that siblings’ blood and stem cells samples matches with each other. Therefore, the umbilical cord blood collection facility is on rise in India and rest of the world.

Future of Cord Cell Banking in India

The response of parents that have got this facility is pretty good and they are well-informed about the stem cell banking. According to customers’ reviews, their child health security is now confirmed from over hundreds of life-threatening diseases. It means in the coming future a significant amount of reduction will be expected in the numbers of cancer patients.

To make this process regular & essential in India, many hospitals have start sharing information through advertising campaigns that include TV ads, pamphlets & banners, and social media sharing. All these mediums play a great role in the creation of awareness among parents that want to give their child a healthy & safe life. There is no argument in that the umbilical cord blood banks did not want to miss any opportunity to help people in practical manner.

Facts about Cord Blood Banking

There are few interesting facts about the stem cell banking industry in India, first of all, this industry is at its peak, and this will reach to each & every region in India by 2020, according to market analysis resources. Currently, many hospitals in India offer this facility that is performed by highly skilled and revered professionals from medical and technical fields that have treated over thousands of patients using stem cell therapy.

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