Razor Bumps - Causes, Treatments And Prevention

Feb 11th 2015 at 9:32 AM

Razor Bumps is described as a skin disease that affects mostly bearded men. According to statistics, 60% of African American, and others with curly hair are more susceptible to developing razor bumps. Rarely does this skin condition occur in women, but cases have been spotted about women with razor bumps. And the reason is because they also grow facial beard.  But, officially Psedofolliculitis barbae as it is known is an exclusive male condition. What are the causes and treatments of Razor Bumps ?


The skin disease is presented by a hard bumpy inflammation of the skin that resembles pimples or acne. It’s caused by pustules ad papules inflammation when a sharp edged instrument like a Razor or shaver has contact to the skin. It’s itchy and somewhat irritating.


Razor bumps occurs in the process of cutting facial hairs or any other hairy parts of the body. When these parts are plucked or shaved, curly hairs tend to recoil back to the skin, instead of out of the skin. When this happen, the sensitive skin becomes inflamed, due to ingrown hair, but if this condition isn’t arrested quickly, it could become infected, and overtime develops into Keloids.


The popular treatment is to allow the air to grow to a certain length. The reason is that once the hair grows to a certain length, it will not grow back into the skin. However, not everybody loves to leave their beard grow long. Socially, people kind of frowns at long beards, and in some places, spotting longs beard is not allowed. So, the solution is prevention, and when it has occurred, you should fight it immediately, with natural means.

Also, before you shave off your beard,   use a wet washcloth soaked with hot water to dab the area for 5 minutes before shaving. Then apply PFB bump fighter Razor, or shaving gel. Proceed to shave with the grain of the beard without drawing out the skin. These treatment is good but aren’t as good as natural treatments.

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If you need treatments that is effective; that requires no injection or surgery, you would have to take the natural treatment route. With the use of creams and lotions, applied between six to twenty weeks, you would have your smooth skin back. For more information on how to eliminate bumps naturally, without surgery, click on this link : http://www.bumpscentre.co.uk

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